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3 Reasons to Use Mechatronics

January 31, 2017 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by PBC News

Mechatronics combines “mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems engineering, and control engineering” to improve and optimize product design and manufacturing processes.Mechatronics-components.jpg

As product development cycles continue to increase and rapid advances in technology continue to develop, the need for this integrated approach is even more critical, especially in linear motion applications.

You may quickly see many benefits to use mechatronics. Here’s our top three:

1. Simplified & Flexible Mechanical Design

Combining the mechanical, electrical, and control elements of engineering creates a simplified design that is flexible and more user friendly.  A one-unit, compact design reduces the number of components as well as space needed for installation. Less components means less labor invested, reduced time spent in setup and maintenance, and maximized operational uptime.

2.Enhanced Features & Functionality for Optimized Performance, Productivity & Reliability

In a variety of situations, mechatronics has proven to be a more reliable solution due to its enhanced features and functionality. For example, in IoT, mechatronics provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced Troubleshooting – With fewer components and less wire connections, the job of tracing down problems that may arise is greatly reduced.
  • Streamlined Commissioning – Pre-programmed homing routines and distributed control reduces installation times and allows report progress via Internet connectivity. It also allows an operator to make in-process adjustments at an individual axis without affecting the PLC or entire production line.
  • Automated Adjustments – Automated adjustments increase manufacturing flexibility and speed. In addition, adaptive control is possible with conditions monitored and adjustments made locally, in real time, and right at the actuator level, without having to route instructions through the PLC.

3. Increase Efficiency, Decreased Costs

Combining various engineering subfields into the same design not only makes it safer, more efficient, and cost effective. Examples of efficiency and cost effectiveness of mechatronics in an IoT environment include:
Maximized Uptime – Real time monitoring of temperatures, friction, motor torque, and other performance related data can be routed to a mobile device allowing the human decision maker to proactively handle issues related to maximizing machine uptime.

Preventative Maintenance – Established timeframes for periodic maintenance based on cycles, number of pieces run, or other dynamic conditions can be monitored and reported to any IoT connected device such as a work station, tablet, or mobile phone, allowing teams to proactively keep machine running at peak efficiency.

Increased Output – Mechatronics solutions drive greater flexibility, less down time, increased performance, and greater bottom-line output for manufacturers, assembly lines, packaging equipment, and production equipment.




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