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A “Master” Washdown Application—The Tour Spin Club Washer

April 07, 2016 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by PBC News

TourSpin Club Washer
(Above) TourSpin Club Washer—Image courtesy of Riveer Company.

Golf is a game of perfection—both for the player and for golf course management. When a player uses well-maintained equipment, quality of play is often significantly improved. Conversely, ill-maintained equipment can have adverse effects for a player, as well as the golf course with the introduction of invasive species from dirty or contaminated equipment. These risks inspired the development of the TourSpin Club Washer, by Riveer Company. The TourSpin, designed to clean an entire set of clubs, golf balls, and shoes in less than one minute, required a linear actuator capable of handling a repetitive washdown environment including contaminants such as grass, dirt, and sand. The application needed to achieve high speeds and quick change of direction over a travel of 50 inches while being able to withstand both indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. SIMO® Series linear actuators from PBC Linear® were an ideal solution due to the design flexibility for bearing and drive type that allowed application engineers to specify a system to meet all requirements.

TourSpin Club Washer—SIMO Series Linear Actuators

(Above) The TourSpin Club Washer utilizes the SIMO Series linear actuators in a seamless washdown application. Image courtesy of Riveer Company.
SIMO Series

The SIMO Series is a key design element for the machine; utilizing a cam roller carriage, stainless steel raceways, and stainless steel v-rollers. Stainless steel was selected for longevity within a washdown environment, while v-shaped rollers aid in pushing contaminants off of the raceway. A system cover was integrated to help protect the actuator from large or unnecessary contaminant buildup.

Recently featured at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, the TourSpin Club Washer has presented an extra revenue stream for golf courses, and has improved the overall golf course experience for customers and management alike. To learn how SIMO Series actuators can be a problem-solver for your next application, click here. To learn more about the TourSpin Club Washer, visit the TourSpin website or watch the product overview video here.

TourSpin Club Washer
(Above) TourSpin Club Washer Product Overview Video


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