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Zach Olsen

Custom Palletizing System Design for New Spray Bottle Line

October 27, 2011 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Zach Olson

Production lines are often composed of different systems working together and synchronously to provide smooth and automated operation. In many cases, different machines are designed by separate manufacturers around the globe; therefore it is absolutely essential to install compatible technology that will integrate well into the system. For a new bottling line being installed by a worldwide home wares provider; PBC Linear designed a sophisticated actuator mounting system to handle the palletizing operation of the bottling trays.Linear Actuator Palletizer


The home wares manufacturer had designed a new type of cleaning spray bottle for ergonomic ease, and had to create a new bottling/packaging line to handle the bottle filling operation. This production line was very complex and comprised many different operations. For the palletizing operation, the empty bottles are loaded into pallets – weighing up to 272 lbs. The pallets are then lowered onto a transfer platform to be filled, packaged and shipped out.


To transfer the pallets from a holding stack onto the platform, the manufacturer needed a sophisticated handling system that was able to grab a layer of bottle boxes onto the lowering platform; which would then lower them onto the transfer conveyor. This required a system that could tolerate the high moment loads and provide thrust loads. PBC Linear’s MT actuators were the answer. Driven by a steel reinforced timing belt, each actuator provides smooth linear guidance under heavy loads.


Six MTB linear actuators were designed into a specialized palletizing robot to provide a complete mechatronic solution that performed all required tasks with ease. The palletizing robot would grab a pallet of empty bottles from the stack via two horizontal MTB055 actuators acting as the arms. Two vertical MTB080 actuators raised and lowered the horizontal arms. Both sets of actuators work simultaneously to reliably complete the entire operation and move the boxes to the main conveyor in a matter of seconds.


By providing the six actuators along with mounting accessories such as brackets, hinges and pneumatic dampers, PBC Linear delivered a Cartesian assembly that integrated perfectly with the remainder of the production line. To learn more on the MT linear actuator or PBC’s other products, visit us at



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