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Zach Olsen

Doctor Bearing from PBC Linear Thrives for 16 years

December 05, 2008 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Zach Olson

Long Lasting Doctor BearingsIn 1992, PBC Linear (Pacific Bearing Company) introduced doctor bearings as a long-lasting solution to paper mills constantly shutting down their production line due to failing ball bearings. Using Simplicity® technology, the doctor bearings were positioned to outlast the competition and keep paper mill dryers running 24/7! Now, Doctor Bearings are used all around the country, running successfully in paper mills for over a decade.

PBC Linear began implementing this type of bearing in the early 90’s. Doctor Bearings found an instant niche with the paper processing industry. In regular operation, white water goes through a roll doctoring in order to be processed into paper. The Doctor Bearing is housed at the base of these rollers, and is the crux of smooth rotation for the paper.  Seventeen years later, PBC Linear has evolved into a one stop linear motion solution shop, but is still finding paper plants using the same Doctor Bearings installed over a decade ago.

“We have found that rather than purchasing new Doctor Bearings that customers are so happy with the original ones we provided that they would rather we simply repair the doctor bearings they have already been using,” says Ray Stojonic.

When stacked up against the competition, PBC Linear’s Doctor Bearings eliminate corrosion, maintenance, paper web breaks, and unplanned downtime caused by catastrophic failure. Typical Doctor Ball Bearings only last a couple of months. PBC Linear’s Doctor Bearings last for years without replacement or downtime. As a direct result, profits and production increase—making Doctor Bearings infinitely superior in most types of applications.

Custom Linear Bearings Sell SheetApplicable in both wet and dry end roll doctoring applications, Doctor Bearings are a testament to PBC Linear product diversity. In non lubricated applications, the Doctor Bearing adapts easily to white water processing where its self lubricated properties provide the same smooth operation as on dry end rolls. The system’s patented Frelon liner allows for the product to withstand constant immersion with no adverse effects. In lubricated applications, positive pressure prevents dirt and other contaminants from entering the bearing. This self-maintenance contributes to the bearings lasting over 16 years in several different paper mill applications.

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