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Mark Huebner

Engineering Data Source – What’s Your Favorite?

June 09, 2011 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Mark Huebner

The days of digging through the index, or page after page of mind numbing information in the Engineering Library, are over … or are they?  Where are engineers going today to find the information they need to get the job done?

An engineer’s job is dependent upon being able to get the right technical information in a timely manner, but with the average engineer now handling 15 projects or more at once, they don’t have time to spend hours in research.  So what are you doing to cut that time and get the vital information you need? 

It wasn’t that long ago that many companies maintained a detailed engineering library filled with a variety of reference books, in house reports and analysis, and endless revisions of competitor catalogs. Publishers started to release annual directories helping to narrow down the search a bit.  And then came the digital age and the internet.  Now almost anything is available at your fingertips … if you know where to look.  Google can usually get you close, but if you are like me, there have been plenty of times where you’ve spent as much time as you did back in the old library searching for that one nugget of information that you really needed.  Add to that the variety of formats used to view things, along with the inevitable compatibility issues, and the technology that was supposed to make life simple can turn on you in a heartbeat.  And that doesn’t even include the headache that CAD files can create.

I’ve seen people and organizations handle this issue in a variety of ways, and of course there is no “one size fits all” answer.  But at PBC Linear we are striving to deliver to you, the designers, engineers, and decision makers, quality information and answers in the best way possible.  So I ask you to respond to this unscientific survey and send me your thoughts. 

What is your preferred way to find and receive engineering information on components and systems?  Hard copy catalog?  In house digital library?  Internet?  PDF document?  Native html pages?  On-line directory or industrial reference site?  Or something we haven’t even thought of yet?

Thanks in advance for posting your responses and helping us step up to the next level in serving you.



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