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Hevi-Rail® combined bearings allow for several unique design applications and handling tasks within the industrial market. Jib cranes, lift units and warehouse handling systems make up a small percentage of the many different ways Hevi-Rail bearings are applied to improve factory performance and operation by streamlining assembly and eliminating machine shut downs.

 Hevi-Rail linear bearing versatilityHevi Rail Linear Bearings in Handling

Material Handling: Other linear guide products rely on precise parallel alignment to reliably handle linear motion tasks; such as material handling, lifting and adjustment. This requires the installer to conduct a thorough and painstaking checking and re-checking of the monorails to ensure maximum parallelism. Apart from the time spent checking parallelism and realigning, this is also a very costly process. The linear guides also need to be preloaded beforehand for assured system rigidity; however, when dealing with large loads, the preload causes fretting and catastrophic failure in ball-type linear guides and complete stalling in plain bearing products due to exceeding moment load. With Hevi-Rail®, the unique combined bearing design allows the bearings to float within the rail, thereby eliminating the need for precise alignment and effectively reducing installation time.



Hevi Rail Linear Bearings in Telescopic Racking

Telescopic Applications: For high load telescopic handling, Hevi-Rail can support cantilevered loads up to 700 lbs. (318 Kg) extending out 90’’ (2.3 meters). Recently, PBC Linear collaborated with a customer to design a new racking system for shipping containers. Previously, the containers were simply filled and shipped, leaving the materials loose inside and able to shift around in transit. PBC worked with the design team to create a racking system that could be extended/retracted for easy loading and unloading using Hevi-Rail combined bearings to handle the extended load and operate under extremely low maintenance.

Hevi Rail Linear Bearings in Lift Units




Lift Units: The case hardened steel design and proven track record of Hevi-Rail bearings have also made it a cost effective and reliable alternative to lift unit tasks. From standard forklifts to custom design systems, Hevi-Rail reduces cost by simplifying assembly and installation. The bearings also thrive in dirty environments and easily roll over dirt, dust and other particulate that would stall ball-type linear guide products. Designed to provide even disbursement of forces throughout the bearing, Hevi-Rail is able to handle radial and axial loads up to 60 tons! Hevi-rail also requires very little precision due to the floating bearing design; therefore saving the installer time and money versus competing technology – making Hevi-Rail a low cost, long-lasting solution for any heavy industrial linear motion task.


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