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Bill Brosend

How to Adjust Belt Tension on an MT Series Actuator

May 10, 2011 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Bill Brosend

Belt tension is set at installation on the belt driven linear actuators from PBC Linear, and regular maintenance then becomes a big key to keeping them at top performance.  It is a good practice to periodically check the belt tension and make sure that it is set properly.  Follow these simple steps to adjust belt tension on the MTB series linear actuators.

  1. Remove and disconnect the drive mechanism from the actuator.
  2. Move the carriage to the point specified in the actuator’s written maintenance instructions.  This point will vary depending on the model and size.
  3. Remove the cover plate over the belt tension adjustment screw at the idler end of the actuator.MT Linear Actuator
  4. Remove the seal strip clamp from the idler end of the actuator.
  5. DO NOT CREASE the SEAL STRIP, but slide it back out of the way.
  6. Using a force gauge, determine the amount of existing deflection in the belt.  Refer to the written instructions for the amount of deflection required for the specific model and size.
  7. Locate and loosen the set screw on the clamp collar.  This will then allow movement of the belt tension adjustment screw.
  8. Adjust the belt tension adjustment screw to obtain the proper belt tension.
  9. Measure again with the force gauge to ensure that belt deflection is properly set.
  10. Tighten the set screw on the clamp collar to lock the adjustment screw into place.
  11. Use a medium-strength thread locker on all fasteners for steps 12 – 14.
  12. Re-install the belt tension adjustment screw cover plate.
  13. Slide the seal strip back into place.
  14. Re-install the seal strip clamp.
  15. Reconnect drive mechanism to the actuator.

To see a video showing you these steps, click on the link below.



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