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Bill Brosend

How to Select a Miniature Actuator

September 20, 2011 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Bill Brosend

Follow these six easy steps to specifying the type of ML series miniature linear actuator needed for your application.  These simple to follow steps make the choice of bearing system, motor, drive type, limit switches, cable carrier, and mounting brackets a straightforward process.


6 Easy Steps to Miniature Linear Actuator Selection  -  ML Series

All page references are from the PBC Linear ML Series catalog.

 Selecting a Linear Stage

STEP #1  -  Configure Your System Axis

a)      Know your load, moments, and speed

b)      Determine if you need an external linear guideway for support

c)       Calculate the Body Length (pg. 11)

STEP #2  -  Choose the ML Series Type

a)      Motor pre-mounted and tested by PBC? → MLB (pg. 14)

b)      Ready to mount to your own motor? → MLC (pg. 24)

c)       Driven by hand? → MLD (pg. 26)

STEP #3  -  Choose How to Mount the Axis

a)      Select either dovetail clamps or riser plates

(Use riser plates with NEMA 17 and 23 motors) (pg. 33)

STEP #4  -  Choose End of Travel and Home Limit Switches/Sensors

a)      Determine mounting type and location (bracket type) (pg. 33)

b)      Choose from list of compatible sensors(pgs. 33-35)

STEP #5  -  Choose the Cable Carrier

a)      List all cables to be run through the carrier

b)      Determine cross sectional area needed for size selection (pg.40)

c)       Complete the selection calculations (pgs. 39-41)


STEP #6  -  Order Your System

                1-800-962-8979 and ask for Application Engineering



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