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Anyone wishing to put their LCD/Plasma flat screens on the right track (so to speak) into their residence or office will be actively pursuing a Trak-Kit™ system: an innovative way to provide mobility and versatility for flat-screens that directly integrates into architectural design. Trak-Kit™ uses ceiling or wall mounting components for suspension and PBC Linear’s Integral V guides for mobility and additional load support. Recently, SHAdi + Company, the designing firm behind the patented Trak-kit™ system, chose PBC Linear’s Integral V™ linear guide system to support the heavy moment loads created by the various sizes of flat-panel monitors and speakers while ensuring smooth and ergonomic movement throughout the space of the room.


Founder of SHAdi + Company and inventor of Trak-kit™, Farshad “Shadi” Shahrokhi is a student of innovation and architectural design. He is also a self-pronounced audio/video enthusiast; which is most likely responsible for the creation of the Trak-kit™ system. Mr. Shahrokhi saw a niche market in interior flat-screen mobility, and designed the Trak-kit™ system to facilitate the needs of tech-savvy enthusiasts just like him.

Trak-Kit-photoThe Trak-kit™ assembly mounts to the ceiling using a system of brackets and support bars integrated with A/V wires for optimal monitor operation. Once assembled onto a flat-screen monitor, the Trak-kit™ system is mounted to a linear guide for mobility along the track and easy-access viewing (up to 50 ft./15.25 m). The mounted flat-screen can now glide along the track, rotate 360° and in some cases be raised or lowered out of the ceiling! To support this mobility, the linear guide needed to be durable enough to handle the moment load of the flat-screen and Trak-kit™ mount, easily maneuvered for ergonomic use, and compact for aesthetic architectural appeal.

Integral V™ was the solution. Developed in 2008 by PBC Linear, Integral V™ is the next generation of linear guide technology. Integral V™ uses hardened steel inserts directly embedded into aluminum structural framing to eliminate fasteners while providing straight (0.002’’/0.05 mm) and even travel across the track. PBC Linear worked hand-in-hand with SHAdi + Company to successfully implement Integral V™ into the Trak-kit system. Their precision machining process, SIMO™, allowed for reduced components, easier installation and alignment. Originally, linear guidance for the Trak-kit was done using complex modular components—requiring several steps in assembly. The simple, dowel-pin joining Integral V™ rails and guides helped speed up Trak-kits production process to meet increased demand for the system.  Available in multiple configurations to meet customer-specific needs, Integral V™ can be adapted as a linear guide into almost any application.

Once installed, Integral V™ proved to be very effective in the ergonomic mobility of the Trak-kit system. Able to support high cantilevered loads (static 255 N-m/188 lbf and dynamic 288 N-m/207 lbf); Integral V suspended various flat-screens—weighing up to 150 lbs—for full visibility. Trak-kit also used a low profile, flat plate Integral V™ carriage to ensure a compact (53 mm), eye-pleasing design. The end result was a low profile, aesthetically pleasing ergonomic system that gave flat-screen viewing free mobility across an interior space.

SHAdi + Company’s Trak-kit system has been applied everywhere: apartments, houses, medical centers, offices and television studios. Currently, Mr. Shahrokhi is working closely with PBC Linear to refine his proven design in order to meet new needs; such as 90° curve tracks, driven units and fully gantry Trak-kit systems. For more information on Trak-kit, click to view their website at, or visit SHAdi + Company at Booth 2355 during the International Contemporary Furniture Fair Saturday, May 15-18th.

ivt-trak-kit-video-picWatch how Trak-Kit utilizes Integral-V Linear Guides to the right >

For customized solutions that promote ergonomic mobility within architectural structures, Integral V™ Technology (IVT) is a superb choice. IVT eliminates the bulky components, saving on space. The technology can also be optimized to fit into existing aluminum framing to maximize compact linear guidance and give the finished design enhanced aesthetic quality.

To find out more on IVT; such as more application examples and detailed technical data, please call 1.800.729.9085, email to or visit us at our homepage at



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