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PBC Linear has always prided themselves as problem solvers to the toughest linear motion applications. Since the company first began in 1982, PBC Linear (Pacific Bearing Company) has been supported by a complete team of intrepid engineers. Driven to meet the needs of both the customer and the overall end-user, developing new ideas that solve complex problems in the linear motion industry, and fully facilitated by a myriad of additional engineering tools, the engineers at PBC Linear are equipped to design and produce products that completely eliminate costly, unexpected downtime and other common hardships.

To meet the wide array of demands they receive on a daily basis, PBC Linear staffs a seasoned team of linear motion engineers—fully positioning themselves as a well-informed authority in the linear motion industry. All of whom specialize in products such as linear guides, bearings, and actuators, and stem from proven backgrounds in aerospace, commercial, medical, and paper industries. This better suits the company to take on multiple applications and meet them within a timely manner. Taking on these projects requires teamwork and hardened time-management skills—qualities PBC Linear has been refining for the past 27 years!

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PLAexplodeviewSince the introduction of the Simplicity linear bearing, PBC linear has designed and manufactured products that solve the problems of the competition. Catastrophic downtime, costly alignment processes, and harsh environments are all examples of obstacles PBC Linear’s products have overcome. Recent solutions that PBC Linear engineers have designed include Integral V™ Technology (IVT)—a cost efficient linear guide system that drastically reduces mounting components while maintaining extreme precision. This allowed for the customer to save on costs while cutting the end-users installation time by over half! For custom solutions to tough problems, PBC Linear is quick to generate and design an innovative product in no time.

The engineering staff at PBC Linear starts off the design process by offering their customers downloadable CAD material and a library of technical data through PARTCommunity—a web-based 3D CAD viewing program—in order to ensure the best-fitting product is selected for the job. As the design process progresses, PBC Linear engineers spec out the proposed application using SolidWorks® to create a 3D representation of the application. Finite Element Analysis software further refines the design, experimenting on speed and load capacities, impact analysis, and tolerances—eliminating several problems before the first prototype is even built. After this step, PBC Linear can quickly produce a working prototype using one of their 8 tooling rooms in less than a day! In the final step of the design process, the end-product is created, subjected to in-depth performance and metallurgical analysis right in-house, and certified by PBC Linear technicians. The end result is a fully tested product that is ready to provide long-lasting linear motion to the customer.

From the initial design to the entire lifespan of the application, PBC Linear is fully prepared to assist its customers in their linear motion needs every step of the way. For quick drop in replacements or custom applications, PBC Linear is equipped to meet any linear motion query.

For more information PBC Linear, our long-lasting products or manufacturing capabilities, please call 1.800.729.9085, email to or visit our manufacturing capabilities page at



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