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Dave Humblet

Low Profile Linear Slide Comparison - UGA vs. DFG Clearances

September 22, 2011 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Dave Humblet

The 3 versions of low profile linear slides available in the GST (Gliding Surface Technology) family can be easily separated into 3 classes based on the running clearance built into the carriage.  Each assembly is only 24mm high and has additional features that offer benefits for various applications.  Understanding the running clearance is the best place to start the design evaluation.

3 Classes of Running Clearance in the GST Low Profile Linear Slides

Linear Slide

  1. STANDARD Running Clearance  - 
  • Example Part #:  UGA040C-0C1G00
  • Running clearance  -  .0015 to .0025”
  • This is the standard version of the “UGA” Uni-Guide and is suitable for general applications and most automation requirements.


  1. OPTIONAL Running Clearance  - 
  • Example Part #:  UGA040C-0P1G00
  • Running clearance  -  .0005 to .0015”
    • o NOTE:  PBC Linear can hold this precise tolerance on the “UGA” Uni-Guide because of the proprietary SIMO® machining process.    (Learn more about what SIMO is by clicking here.)


  1. COMMERCIAL Grade Running Clearance  -  DFG linear slide
  • Example Part #:  DFG10-40A-0500-1
  • Running clearance  -  .002 to .005”
  • The “DFG” Modular Guide is a design built up from cast and machined components with a loose slip-fit plastic insert bearing.
  • This is the lowest precision available in the low profile linear slides.  Misalignment of bearing blocks, inconsistencies in the un-machined round-rail raceways, and the tolerance stack up of multiple parts can lead to increased co-efficient of friction, increased wear, and require a larger driving force.

Each of these Low Profile Linear Slides has a variety of carriage lengths or widths available.  In addition, optional anodizing and bearing materials offer additional benefits for wash-downs, etc.

Watch the Uni-Guide comparison video that highlights differences in these designs

Click here for more information, specs, and details on the “UGA” Low Profile Uni-Guide.



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