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Machining Simplicity® Bearings

May 14, 2018 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by PBC News

Simplicity bearings can be machined and modified in the field.

If machining the I.D., be sure that more running clearance is actually needed! This is NOT a solution for binding!

To solve binding problems, first check:

1. Shaft alignment

2. Cantilever limitations (, pages 122-123)

3. Shaft deflection (see previous link, pages 124-125)

NOTE: The liner that is removed is also potential wear life

that is removed!


When using insertable tools, polycrystalline diamond tip inserts with a high positive rake are best.

polycrystalline diamond tip inserts

Carbide tools will only work with an extremely high positive rake. Tolerance and finish will be more difficult to hold.

-Recommended insert: ISCAR CNMS or DNMS 432-12

-Machine the bearings at a minimum of 500 sfm (150 m/min.)

  • It is always best to cut from the inside out.  When pushing in on the liner, it is possible to delaminate the material from the shell.

CAUTION:  The bearing liner is relatively thin on each side of the bearing wall.  At the time of manufacture, tight tolerances on size, roundness, and concentricity are maintained.  Any after sale modifications may compromise this quality. PBC Linear will not be held responsible for any damaged or destroyed product that is machined or altered.

Machine Inside Out

-To hone or ID grind the liner, a 60-80 grit grinding wheel is recommended. 

 60-80 Grit Wheel



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