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Managing Linear System Misalignment

July 06, 2017 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by PBC News

Linear misalignment is a fact of life:

  • Misalignment represents one of the leading causes of premature linear guidance failure
  • Misalignment can greatly reduce a products capability and expected life
  • Design needs to understand the process requirements of the application to select the appropriate product
  • Which linear product will provide acceptable process guidance

Mounting preparation must be taken into consideration to assure performance

Linear Guide System

Consideration for the rail mounting surface must always be addressed

  • Uneven mounting surfaces like welded frames, structural materials, etc. need extra clearance or ability to float to overcome alignment issues.
  • Higher accuracy requires less allowable deviation between rails and precision mounting surfaces are needed


Built in Systematic Alignment

PBC Linear offers products that can simplify system alignment, offering integrated products that incorporate built in alignment.

Built in Alignment:

  • Can simplify engineering design considerations
  • Reduce material costs
  • Reduce assembly times & costs
  • Overall reduction of system costs

Products with built in alignment:

Gliding Surface Technology – GST Products

Cam Roller Technology – CRT Products

Integral “V” Technology – IVT Products


Signs of Bad Alignment

  Plain Bearing - Uneven Bearing Liner Wear

                         Plain Bearing - Uneven Bearing Liner Wear


Ball Bearing – Shaft Spalling 

Ball Bearing – Shaft Spalling


Alignment Issues can lead to:

  • Systematic failures
  • Premature wear of bearings and rail
  • False sense of inappropriate product selection, when in fact it is an alignment issue
  • Production down times costs
  • Replacement of componentry due to component failure
  • Shortened component “life” due to premature failure
  • Replacement of componentry thinking a more expensive “precise” solution is needed


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