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PBC Linear was recently contacted by a rare-collections office to provide a measuring and analyzing system that would be utilized on priceless artifacts. This device was required to move around these artifacts and take precise measurements at various angles. The measuring stand had to provide a steady platform, with long travel strokes and be able to be adjusted by hand knob.  As they currently did not have any measuring stand that came even close to the movement versatility they were looking for, PBC Linear was asked to produce a solution.
Mini-Rail Creates Artstand 
for Million Dollar ArtifactsConventional testing of these artifacts uses CT scans and other analyzing processes to produce data on the size, composition, and age.    Many of the artifacts are oddly shaped, making measuring these aspects laborious and extremely time consuming.  The collections team required a device that could manually move smoothly around the artifact and accurately measure and record all of the different surfaces.  It had to be reliable, light weight and portable.

PBC Linear designed a gantry out of three (3) MR20LS linear slides to provide maximum precision and reliable movement. This new measuring stand was given enough play to move around and accurately measure their largest items—allowing the collections team to receive accurate data on all of their priceless artifacts. Also, the stand could change and replace several different measuring devices to get a clear picture on all aspects of the multi-million dollar artifacts.

Upon delivery of the new measuring system, the collections team was incredibly satisfied with the way the MR20LS linear slide was able to provide the precise movement to allow for the team to capture accurate data for all of their artifacts, regardless of size and composition.

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