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Mounting Instructions for V-Guide Wheels

August 01, 2013 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Tech Team

Mounting Instructions for V-Guide Wheels


PBC Linear V-Guide wheels utilize concentric and eccentric bushings to provide fixed and adjustable mounting configurations.

  • Fixed wheel assemblies provide primary engagement to the rail, and bushings mount on the centerline of the bearing.
  • Adjustable wheel assemblies are mounted with eccentric bushings to allow adjustability and preloading.
  • V-Guide systems typically utilize a pair of fixed guide wheels in combination with a variable number of adjustable guide wheels to ensure both stability and adjustability.


Carriage Configurations

As shown in the illustrations below, the location of fixed or adjustable wheel assemblies is dependent on the location of the rails and direction of load. With the load in a typical downward direction, when rails are internal, fixed wheel assemblies will be mounted on top. When rails are external, fixed wheel assemblies will be mounted on the bottom.

The location of the adjustable (eccentric) wheel assembly is dependent on whether the rail is located on the inside or outside of the wheel carriage. In the illustrations below, “A” = Adjustable (eccentric) and “F” = Fixed (concentric). The arrow indicates radial loading direction.

v-wheel 1

Wheel/Bushing Assembly Mounting Hole Placement

  • The type of rail/wheel configuration dictates the bushings and fasteners required for assembly.
  • V-Guide wheels come in four sizes: VB1, VB2, VB3, VB4.
  • Wheel size determines mounting hole size in the carriage.
  • The formula for determining wheel assembly hole centerline distances on inboard, outboard, and exterior mounting configurations is shown in the illustrations below.  Note: IV = reference edge of rail to point.
  • Once the centerline distances are determined, mounting holes can be drilled or tapped in the carriage plate as required.

v-wheel 2

Step-By-Step Wheel/Bushing Assembly Procedurev-wheel config3

Parts List

(1) Fastener (customer supplied - see the Fastener Chart above)

Note: Fastener length is determined by the type of installation.

(2) Flat Washer

(3) Wheel

(4) Wheel Bushing

(5) Washer

(6) Locknut

Blue Loctite® 248 or equivalent threadlocker (customer supplied)


Assembly Procedure

  1. Insert wheel bushing (4) into V-Guide wheel (3).
  2. Insert fastener (1) through flat washer (2), wheel (3), and wheel bushing (4), then thread fastener into carriage plate hole (if threaded) or locknut (6) using blue Loctite® 248 or equivalent threadlocker. Note: Threadlocker should be applied to internal threads. It should not be applied to external screw threads. Assembly should be allowed to set for the full cure time specified by the threadlocker manufacturer.
  3. Tighten fastener (1) to torque shown in the Screw Size/Torque Chart above.



V-Guide wheels are internally lubricated at the factory and require no additional lubrication. The track should be lubricated routinely for optimum performance and service life. Suggested lubricants are Mobil Vactra #2 Way Oil, or Mobil Polyrex EP 2 Extreme Pressure Grease. 



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