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PBC Linear Bearing Inspection Instructions

August 23, 2011 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Tech Team

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PBC Bearings that have Frelon Bearing Liners require special inspection to ensure the ID is to the correct size and tolerance. Regardless of the type of Frelon the inspection method remains the same.

 Linear Bearing Inspection

Approved Inspection Method: Pin Gages (aka Go / NoGo Gauging)


  • Go Gauge: Nominal ID Size minus 0.0001” (-2.54um)
  • NoGo Gauge: Max ID Size plus 0.0001” (+2.54um)


These dimensions are based upon allowing a “slip-fit” clearance of the OD of the Pin Gauge to the ID of the Bearing. The Go Gauge must slip onto the bearing with minimal to no force. The NoGo Gauge is used in the same manner but it should not fit the bearing. Care must be taken to not force the bearing onto the NoGo Gauge. Frelon does have a natural compression ratio and will compressed if forced.

Linear Bearing Inspection Table


Un-Approved Inspection Methods:

  • Internal or Intra-Micrometers
  • Calipers
  • CMM, Due to the surface finish and pliability of the Frelon.
  • Air Gauging, Frelon is a porous material; thus air gauging is not a reliable measuring technique for ID size.
  • Any gauging technique that applies pressure to the Frelon in an outward direction.


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