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Zach Olsen

PL Linear Actuator Installed in Solar Furnace

March 27, 2009 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Zach Olson

PLA Solar Linear Actuator

In an economy that is gearing more towards green energy, PBC Linear is helping lay down the initial framework. Utilizing the high-accuracy PLA linear actuator, a cutting edge US company that manufactures silicon ingots from solar furnaces is able to sustain smooth, quiet and long-lasting operation for the their specially designed furnace damper that controls temperature for the ingots crystals. These ingots, in turn, are used in the production of electricity generating solar panels for cleaner and renewable energy.

To create a solar panel, silicon ore needs to be fused in a furnace similar to how glass is made from sand. These furnaces are immense, and require a multitude of precision components to work in harmony for the succesful creation of silicon ingots. The ingots are then sliced into thin sheets for the fabrication of the solar panels. If this delicate process is upset, production time and cost would exponentially increase as these furnaces are heated  to thousands of degrees and take days to cool down for servicing. PBC Linear’s PLA actuator was installed to control the furnace’s heat damper during the process cycle. The damper provides precise temperature control during the process.  To control the critical lifting and positioning of the damper, the manufacturer required a linear system that was low cost, precise and reliable in order to compete on an international level.

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The PLA ball-screw driven linear actuator was the answer. The PLA stands out from its competition with its SIMO™ (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation) machined profile that mills out tight, consistent tolerances on all sides of the system to ensure repeatable guidance at no added cost. The PLA is also equipped with Integral V™ Technology (IVT) to provide enhanced precision guidance of the actuator’s V-rollers. When these advantages combine together, they create a superior linear actuator with no additional costs to the end user.

The silicon ingot manufacturer was immediately impressed with the PLA’s performance and reliability. Since implementation, the actuator has been running successfully, aiding in the production of solar panels and helping jumpstart the renewable energy industry.

For additional information on the PLA linear actuator, PBC Linear’s patent pending SIMO™ process,
or the cost reducing Integral V™ linear guide system, please visit their dedicated pages:, and



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