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Dave Humblet

Redi-Rail Mounting

October 17, 2018 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Dave Humblet

Redi-Rail Mounting

Redi Rail is a versatile product and can be mounted to utilize either the radial load capacity or the axial load capacity.  Referencing the coordinate axis below, a load applied in the Y direction makes use of the radial load capacity.  A load in the Z direction applies force in the axial loading condition.

Radial Load Orientation

Radial load orientation:

  • A standard 3-roller slider has a center bearing that is mounted offset from the centerline.  This roller will contact one side of the rail.
  • The rollers at each end are mounted to contact the opposite side of the rail and will carry the majority of the load. 
  • To identify which direction to mount the slider so that the two rollers designed to carry the load are oriented correctly, locate the arrows on the face of the slider (see below). 
    • Be sure to install the slider with the arrows pointing in the direction of the force or load being applied to achieve its rated radial load capacity.

Radial Load Orientation


Axial load orientation:

  • Mounting the rails so that the carriage sees the load in the axial (Z) direction is a valid mounting orientation; however, keep in mind that the load capacity is much lower than radial loading. 


Rail Fasteners

The rails have a shallow counter bore and very little clearance between the web of the rail and the rollers, and in the case of the metric series, the wipers.  Therefore, the correct style of fastener is a button head cap screw (BHCS).


Rail Fasteners

-          Length of fastener will depend upon how the user is fastening to their supporting structure




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