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Stonework machining has to be precise and productive.  CNC multi-axis machines cut large bullets of stone into countertops, floor covering, stone laminates, and many unique shapes used in the laboratory and as building façades. The cutting and routing through stone creates clouds of dust, coolant swarf and other industrial waste that is tough on linear motion way systems, particularly for rolling element linear motion.  Coolant slurry and stone dust created by the machining process goes everywhere, washing out lubrication and jamming ball and roller bearings.  Downtime and routine maintance robs users of productivity!  Continued operation also damages the machine further resulting in more costly repair.  A prominent machine builder that designs and manufactures stone working/cutting machinery recruited PBC Linear to devise a solution.

The manufacturer’s machinery has been used for every possible facet of stone-working from quarry-work to kitchen counter-top machining. These machines are designed to last in harsh surroundings; however their linear guiding system experienced repeated binding and stalling in the field. Stone dust, particulate and leaking coolant caused the systems original roller bearings to bind up and fail. Constantly replacing the failed components resulted in increased costs and production time. After enduring this cycle of replacing unfit components long enough, the stone-working manufacturer sought out another linear system and turned to PBC Linear.

PBC Linear recommended installing their round shaft Simplicity® linear plane bearings to replace the failing rolling element bearings. With no moving parts, self-wiping design, and round profile; contamination does not build up and stall the Simplicity® bearing’s travel. PBC Linear’s proprietary precision ground Frelon® liner riding on a coated hardened shaft is the key for low cost, maintainance free, linear motion.  Simplicity® plane bearings plow smoothly through contamination, dirt and dust. The bearing also dampens vibration, tolerates temperature extremes, and is chemical resistant—all while providing smooth, quiet and precise linear motion.

A few months after installation, the stone-working manufacturer noticed incredible improvement in the performance of their stone cutters. Unexpected downtime, production costs, and repair maintenance all decreased.

Simplicity Bearing Stone Cutting Saw

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