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Simplicity Linear Bearings

Where does PBC Linear’s Simplicity® technology fit into the automotive industry? Everywhere! Testing, product feeding conveyors, assembly lines, wash down machines, painting lines, welding applications and die storage are all examples of applications where PBC Linear’s Simplicity® technology has been installed and found long-lasting success providing smooth and quiet linear motion. With a range of different factors that can effect production in the automotive industry, having dependable linear motion is a must. Since their first inception, PBC Linear’s Simplicity® technology has been a long-time provider of smooth, reliable, low cost, quiet linear motion in the automotive environment.

Metal particulate, dirt, extreme temperatures, high shock loads, vibration, and caustic chemicals are constant obstacles for effective linear motion in the automotive world. From welding applications to assembly line conveyors to part washers, linear motion products are under constant bombardment from the hazardous surroundings. Conventional linear ball bearing systems cannot last. Whether because of corrosion of the shaft, seizing of the ball bearing track, or ball-bearing spalling, the filthy environment holds no place for undependable ball bearing technology. Ball bearing use results in a halted production line causing unplanned downtime and dramatically increased production costs.

PBC Linear’s Simplicity® bearing comes equipped for the job. Backed by its FrelonGold® liner, the Simplicity® bearing is designed to last in the worst possible environments with minimal lubrication and maintenance. This liner allows for the bearing to handle loads up to 20x that of the competing linear ball bearing system and increases its speed capabilities by 50%.  The Simplicity® bearing is also corrosion resistant, can handle temperatures from -400°F to +400°F, and is virtually impervious to shock vibration. With no moving parts to stall, PBC Linear’s Simplicity® bearings will NOT catastrophically fail!

For more information on Simplicity® linear bearings or examples of how other PBC Linear products are implemented in the automotive industry please call 1.800.729.9085,email to marketing@pbclinear.comor visit us at



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