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Zach Olsen

Simplicity Linear Bearings Thrive in Tough Miltary Market

April 12, 2010 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Zach Olson

Deburring   System

For harsh environment with heavy particulate debris, plane bearing technology is second to none. PBC Linear has recently been working to fully illustrate this point by proving their Simplicity® linear plane bearing in one of the most demanding applications. Installed in rifle gun mount assemblies to replace failing bronze bushings, the Simplicity® bearings excelled in absorbing high shock forces, even under the added stress of combatting sand, dirt, heat and lack of lubrication.

The Application

Harsh desert conditions work to restrict linear motion performance in rifle gun mounts installed into light infantry vehicles. Micro diameter dust particles permeated through wear seals and seized all travel for the bronze bushings outfitted to absorb gun recoil. Extreme temperatures, heavy vibration and lack of consistent lubrication also caused significant problems for sustainable system operation.

Deburring   SystemThe Problem

A number of obstacles combine together to obstruct the integrity of a military gun mount’s linear motion system for small assault vehicles. Ultra-fine sand penetrates through seals and restricts smooth motion while gun recoil forces and high shock loads damage the shafting—resulting in the overall failure of the gun mount assembly.

The Solution

PBC Linear’s Simplicity® plane bearings push contaminants—sand, dirt and dust—off the shafting to ensure smooth, accurate and long-term operation of the gun mount system. Simplicity® bearings contain no rolling elements and glide on a proprietary Teflon liner; providing even disbursement of forces all along the bearings to better absorb load, vibration and gun recoil. Simplicity® bearings also self-lubricate, making them an attractive product for field applications where preventative maintenance is limited.

Deburring closeupThe Result

Once installed, the Simplicity® linear bearings provided reliable absorption of recoil forces for the gun mount assembly in environments where competing linear bearing technologies failed. Without additional grease or oil, Simplicity’s self-lubricating liner further detracted dirt, dust and other debris from corrupting the system. The liner also eliminated the need for periodic lubrication and maintenance checks; thereby ensuring clean and smooth linear motion and extending product life.

See how bearing performance is affected in our Portland Cement Demonstration Video.

Deburring closeupFor proof of our products success in tough field applications,
check out our latest video showing our Simplicity® bearings vs.
bronze bushings running on sand-like particulate.

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