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Installing the Simplicity Sleeve and Flange Bearings can be tricky due to the thin aluminum outer shell.  Following one of these recommended procedures will ensure proper performance.Sleeve Bearing

There are 3 basic procedures that can be followed to install the aluminum backed Simplicity Sleeve and Flange Bearings.  Each comes with its own unique challenges that must be considered.  Be sure to select the process that best suits your conditions and capabilities, and will provide you with the best result.

  1.  Machine the housing to the recommended I.D. for a slip fit, apply Loctite® or other adhesive to the O.D., and slip the bearing into the housing.  Be sure to allow the proper time for the adhesive to cure as specified by the adhesive manufacturer.  CAUTION:  Do NOT allow any of the adhesive to touch the bearing liner.  It will harden and interfere with the proper running clearance for the bearing.
  2. Machine the housing bore to the recommended press fit tolerance as specified in the PBC Linear catalog.  Freeze the bearings at 0°F (-17.75°C) for 30-45 minutes.  Using gloves, remove the bearings from the freezer and slip them into the housing.  As they quickly heat to room temperature, full contact between the bearing and the housing will be achieved.  The greatest advantage to this technique over traditional pressing is greater accuracy in alignment.

NOTE:  Due to misaligment and shearing of material, PBC Linear does NOT recommend a press fit, either manually with hammer or mallet, or with the aid of an arbor press.

Link here (pgs. 154-157) to get the recommended housing bore dimension.



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