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The ML miniature linear actuator has already showcased high performance and accurate linear guidance in the medical laboratory environment, but recently a medical supply company decided to incorporate the small actuator into a cabinet locking system. Using their smallest model, PBC Linear helped this medical company design an automated keypad lock for a transportable medical storage unit.ML-Series-Catalog

Security is of the utmost importance when housing delicate and expensive medical supplies. To maintain control over their stock of medicine, tools and other delicate devices used, the medical supply company required a linear positioning system small enough to fit into their compact drawers and installed into a keypad lock system. The lock relied on the precise smooth and quiet linear motion to successfully operate the locking pin in and out of position. Traditionally in these systems, a solenoid is used to operate the locking mechanism; however the clinic found solenoids to be too inaccurate to reliably and repeatedly perform the necessary tasks.

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Compact and robust, the ML only measures about 28mm x 32mm in width and height, with lengths available as short as 190mm. The ML’s profile is precision machined using PBC Linear’s proprietary SIMO™ (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation) process. The SIMO™ process utilizes multiple mills working together to machine all the actuator’s critical surfaces simultaneously to ensure accuracy and smooth linear motion at no added cost! This provides a low cost, remarkably straight actuating system without bow, or twist. The ML is also equipped with a special, no maintenance self lubricated polymer slider to support the actuator’s compact design and facilitate stable linear guidance. 


After installation, the medical clinic reported satisfaction with their locking systems. The compact linear actuator easily fit into the small space, and supplied more than efficient precision motion to dependably lock and unlock the portable medical cabinets whenever they were needed.

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