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Mark Huebner

The Top 5 Ways to Get Management Buy-In

December 19, 2011 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Mark Huebner

The Top 5 Ways to Get Management Buy-In

It's that time when plans and proposals for the next calendar year have everyone working to sell their idea within an organization.  Every engineer has faced the situation where they discover a better technology or recognize a need for change in a process, design, or component, only to be stymied by not being able to persuade management to make the change.  Here are 5 ideas to help gain the critical buy-in from the final decision makers.

#5.  Align the change with stated company goalsBusiness Idea

The closer you can associate your idea to reflect the goal or mission statement of the organization, the better chance you have of someone paying attention to it.

#4.  Speak management’s language

ROI, implementation plan, market share, profit, bottom line, speed to market, etc. are all the types of things that senior management is most concerned about.  Putting your initiative into their language and terms will get their attention.

#3.  Keep it short and sweet

Executives lead busy lives and are pulled in a variety of directions.  Be short, to the point, and don’t bury them with over analysis.

#2.  Use the experts as resources

Quote those who have done specific research or that know their technology the best.  We at PBC Linear work with engineers regularly to develop the justification for changes in a design based on testing, analysis, and experience.  Be sure to utilize professionals in a given area to build your case for change.

#1.  Crunch the numbers & track results

Bring facts, not anecdotes to the table.  At the end of the day, stories help build a case, but concise, relevant data will seal the deal.



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