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Mark Huebner

Top 5 Killers of Design Projects

August 04, 2011 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Mark Huebner

Top 5 Killers of Design Projects

When design engineering projects go bad, no one is happy; senior management, the customer, the design team, and especially the lead decision maker on components and systems. Usually the root cause of a failed project can be traced back to one of these top 5 things.  Be sure to avoid them in your next design development.

5.  Too many projects

Most everyone has the best of intentions at the start of a new design, but somehow in the day-to-day shifting of priorities and juggling of tasks, worthwhile projects often die on the vine.  Developing a decision matrix to help everyone identify the areas where the biggest returns are possible is one step in evaluating which projects make sense.  Then learning to say “NO”, and sticking to it based on the evaluation metrics, can help to optimize an engineer’s time and create focus on the things that count.

4.  Over budgetLinear Motion Engineer

Often engineers are left out of the bean counting process only to learn half way through a project that their design will never fly because of costs.  Do everything possible to get a handle on the budget at the beginning of a project.

3.  Not having management’s input

Spending time and effort to create a design that is optimal from an engineering perspective without having a full view of the commercial aspects or target market can often result in a lot of unnecessary time invested.  Understanding management’s full view up front can put everyone on a better track to a successful design.

2.  Working with the wrong partners

Stay up to date on the latest technologies and solutions to make sure you are working with the right partner companies to provide products and answers that are optimal for current designs.  Don’t just settle for working with the same old technology or salesman because it’s comfortable.

  1.  Not having the right parameters

Be sure to get all of the design parameters up front!  A failed installation due to missed moment loads, shock forces, higher speeds than expected, unaccounted for environmental factors, or other parameters is a sure design, reputation, and career killer.  Be sure to do the homework up front in the process and get all of the design’s parameters!

Avoid these killers from the start of your next project!



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