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Zach Olsen

Uni-Guide Linear Rails Give Heavy Touch Screen Monitors a Raise

September 28, 2010 - Rockford, IL  -  Posted by Zach Olson

Transportability, quick set-up and a robust assembly are the key factors to consider when designing a display stand; particularly when expensive electronics are involved. Travelling from place to place can result in significant strain on the integrity of the display. Florida Motion & Control, a motion control design firm specializing in integrating hydraulic and pneumatic solutions, recently came up with an answer to moving large monitor stands and quickly adjusting their height. Using the Uni-Guide linear slide developed by PBC Linear, Florida Motion & Control created a positioning stand for large 60’’ touch screen monitors for exhibition and other large group events.

While designing the product, Florida Motion & Control focused on three elements: the stand needed to be easily raised/lowered, low maintenance and easy to set-up. The events the monitor stand would be displayed at are typically supported by minimal staff; therefore the ability for the stand to be moved and adjusted by one person was set as the target benchmark.

PBC Linear’s Uni-Guide provided all advantages necessary for high quality performance of the monitor stand. The Uni-Guide is comprised of a simple, two-piece (rail and carriage) assembly that easily fits together without fasteners—reducing tolerance stack-up and allowing for quick design integration. PBC

Linear’s proprietary Frelon self-lubricating liner facilitates smooth, reliable and maintenance-free linear motion for years. The special liner prevents rail damage by harmlessly absorbing particulates as the carriage glides over them. Also, Florida Motion & Control outfitted the slide assembly with a compressed air spring to supply easy hydraulic raising and lowering of the monitor.

High moment loads were also a major concern. The top-heavy 60 lb monitor stand put significant force on the Uni-Guide; however its sturdy design proved more than enough to support the load. Florida Motion Control commented that the Uni-Guide, “provided a simple, yet effective solution for easy adjustment of the stand,” and are currently exploring markets of where it can be implemented.

FLOMOCO Application VideoFor more information on the innovative hydraulic and pneumatic solutions at Florida Motion Control check out their website at

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