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Image of Mini-Rail MS-LS Systems icon   Mini-Rail MS-LS Linear Actuator Systems

Mini-Rail MS/LS miniature linear guide systems are lead screw driven actuators that offer an economical alternative to conventional miniature profile rail systems.  Mini-Rail MS linear guide systems are motor driven.  Mini-Rail LS linear guide systems are manually driven.  Frelon Gold plain bearings in the carriage contact the hard anodized aluminum rail to form the linear guidance mechanism. No actuator maintenance is required.  The lead screws are 303 stainless steel and have a TFE coating. The polyacetal drive nut is self lubricating and pre-loaded to eliminate backlash.  Frelon Gold bearing material allows the Mini-Rail MS/LS miniature linear guide systems to better withstand shock and vibration than ball bearing systems.
  • Available in two (2) sizes:  
    • 15mm (0.591 in) rail width
    • 20mm (0.787 in) rail width.
  • Available with a motor drive (Mini-Rail MS) or a manual drive knob (Mini-Rail LS)
  • Eight (8) screw leads are available
    • 1 mm (Lead Code: AH)
    • 2 mm (Lead Code: AG)
    • 4 mm (Lead Code: AR)
    • 5 mm (Lead Code: AX)
    • 6 mm (Lead Code: BG)
    • 8 mm (Lead Code: BH)
    • 10 mm (Lead Code: AJ)
    • 12 mm (Lead Code: BD)
            Bold = Most Popular Leads
  • Maximum stroke lengths of 578 mm (22.8 in) are available
  • Thrust load capacity  up to 1.12 N (5 lb)
  • Carriage speeds up to 487 mm/s (19 in/s)
  • Manual carriage brakes are available
  • Custom carriages, extended length carriages, and multiple carriages are available
Image of Mini-Rail MS-LS Systems


Mini-Rail Linear Actuator System (LS)

  • Right hand rolled thread
  • 303 stainless steel screw with TFE coating
  • Self-lubricating polyacetal, anti-backlash nut
  • Lengths up to 640mm
  • Multiple lead screw options
  • Optional hand brake or driving mechanism


Mini-Rail Linear Actuator System (MS)

  • Robust design – outstanding reliability
  • Fewer parts – less maintenance
  • High torque stepper motor (NEMA 17)
  • Integral screw
  • Preloaded drive not – eliminated backlash
  • Lengths up to 640mm
  • Multiple lead screw options



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