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PBC Linear began in 1983 as Pacific Bearing Company, creating a patented and innovative solution to the common problem of failing linear ball bearings. Since then, we have greatly expanded our technology, expertise and services into a complete linear motion manufacturer. We specialize in providing our customers with everything from out-of-the-box components, to mechanical sub-assemblies, and even complete linear systems.

Headquartered in Rockford, IL, PBC Linear manufactures all of our products right at home—ensuring fast delivery, lower total costs, and reliable service. We also staff a full team of expert engineers—drawing experience from years of mechanical and design engineering disciplines both in the classroom and out in the field.

We channel our wide product knowledge and engineering expertise into all aspects of the manufacturing products; such as our newly designed SIMO® machine (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation). The SIMO® process is the solution to aluminum extrusion inaccuracy. Each piece of aluminum extrusions has a natural bow, twist and camber which requires a lengthy machining and alignment process for accuracy; however this traditional method is costly and not fully effective.

PBC Simo ProcessThe SIMO® process uses synchronized cutters to concurrently mill all critical edges of an aluminum extrusion in one quick pass. This creates a piece of extrusion that is accurate, straight and consistent on all sides. The entire machining process—which used to take hours—now takes minutes! This allows PBC Linear to provide our customers with incredibly accurate length products at little to no extra cost.

PBC Linear utilizes a skilled staff, sophisticated tools, and innovative products to create long lasting solutions for any application. Carefully designed and refined products are strategically planned to solve the toughest problems in linear motion.

Redi-Rail® was created to meet the industry demand for faster, lighter and quieter linear motion applications. Combining lightweight structural components, precision steel inner raceways, and high-speed self lubricated roller bearings; Redi-Rail® delivers high-speed performance (8 meters/second), with continuous rail lengths available up to 19 feet (6m). Redi-Rail® Linear guides are also configured in V-Guide Systems to provide high speed, moderate load capacity in harsh environments.

Hevi-Rail®, heavy-duty Linear Bearing Systems provide high load capacity and simple installation. Hevi-Rail® is a sealed, self-lubricated bearing that is capable of addressing both radial and axial loads up to 41 KN. Utilizing Hevi-Rail® combination bearings, coupled with our complete line of accessories; eliminates components, reduces installation time, and subsequently lowers costs.

PBC EngineersIn 2008, PBC Linear introduced its newly developed, patented technology: Integral V™ Technology (IVT). Integral V is an innovative linear guide system that reduces cost by eliminating unnecessary mounting components while maintaining high precision. Offered in several different configurations, IVT has been successfully implemented in many different applications and environments. Lowering both production time and cost, IVT is the perfect low-cost solution.

2008 also marked the year when PBC Linear unveiled its new complete line of Linear Actuator Technology (LAT). Available in ball-screw, lead screw, and belt driven configurations, LAT is the perfect way to lower production time and cost. Sealed against contamination and available in a wide variety of sizes, LAT has been applied in many different industries. Packaging, medical, food processing — PBC Linear’s actuators have proven to be a fast, reliable product virtually everywhere.

PBC Linear now offers its linear motion components completely assembled in pre-engineered Systems, Slides and Stages. We also offer ball screw, lead screw, and belt drives, in addition to linear motors, and cylinders. Catalog systems are available in a few days and custom systems are also available quickly. Check us out for these timesaving, low cost alternatives.

PBC Linear is a leader in providing custom linear and rotary motion solutions. Our worldwide team of Sales Engineers and Professionals will help you with your linear and radial motion design problems.

To learn more about our broad range of the toughest, smoothest and quiet linear and rotary bearings and systems available, please contact us today!

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