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From best-in-class components to complete concept-to-creation systems, PBC Linear actively designs game-changing linear motion solutions that provide our customers with the competitive advantage by streamlining assembly, improving application performance and implementing innovative ideas that put you on the path to success.

Application: A manufacturer of precision engraving equipment was developing a new design focusing on simplifying assembly and reducing cost.

Initial Design Problems:

  • Numerous parts
  • Multiple complex machining operations
  • Complex assembly
  • Several vendors

Result: PBC Linear’s collaborative engineered bearing solution provided an improved design fit, reduced machining processes, reduced part count from 11 to 1 and saved the manufacturer 40% on installed cost.


Application: A bio-tech sample handling equipment manufacturer required a simplified linear motion design for their new blood chemistry analyzer.

Initial Design Problems:

  • Numerous parts
  • Multiple complex machining operations
  • Complex assembly
  • Several vendors

Result: The pre-engineered linear stage reduced components from 33 pieces to 1 and saved the manufacturer 40% in assembly cost.


Integral V™ Cuts Installation Costs by 40%

Problem: A thermal plastic seaming equipment manufacturer needed an innovative linear guide solution to reduce costs and installation time for a new machine.

Solution: Integral-V™

  • Bolt-on IVT extrusion provided improved fit and alignment
  • Reduced components and improved tolerance specs
  • Eliminated need for the alignment assembly step by using a SIMO® processed extrusion

Result: Integral-V™ Technology (IVT) eliminated nearly all fasteners and reduced assembly cost by 40%.


Uni-Guide Assembly Saves 40% in Time and Costs

Problem: A profile-rail based linear slide assembly consisting of multiple pieces and fasteners prompted a design company to seek a better option.

Solution: PBC Linear’s Uni-Guide product

  • Uni-Guide: simple, Two-piece linear slide assembly
  • Self-lubricating Frelon liner facilitates oil-free, smooth and quiet travel
  • Long life, simple integration and easy assembly

Result: Installation time and cost reduced by 40%! Assembly part count simplified from 49 to 2 pieces.


Complex Assembly is Simplified to 1 Component

Problem: Numerous components and assembly time resulted in a medical company to seek a new bearing solution for their equipment design.

Solution: Custom Simplicity Bearing

  • PBC Engineers worked with manufacturer to simplify design
  • Custom bearing assembly eliminated mounting components and alignment steps
  • Integrated Frelon Gold liner provides smooth and quiet performance

Result: Complex 7-piece assembly process was simplified to 1 step and 1 part assembly for streamlined production.


New PBC Linear Low Profile Solution Saves 25% on Cost

Problem: Large part count of a component slide system resulted in significant assembly and complex installation for a food transfer application in a compact working space.

Solution: Low Profile/ Pre-engineered Solution

  • Compact design (only 24mm tall)
  • SIMO® machined extruded rail ensures high performance specs
  • Reduced assembly pieces from 14 to 2!

Result: Enhanced alignment, smoother motion, better wash-down compatibility and 25% cost savings!


Paper Mill Runs PBC Solution for 16 straight years

Problem: A paper mill’s pre-maturely failing rolling element doctor bearings caused persistent and unplanned machine shutdown and sky rocketing cost due to lost time.

Solution: PBC Linear Custom Bearing

  • Custom designed doctor bearing with Frelon liner
  • Specially milled oil reservoirs for lubrication and product longevity
  • Double lip seals contain lubrication & protect from contamination

Result: Unplanned shutdowns reduced to 0. Immediate performance improvement from 3 months to 16 years of operation.


Simplicity Bearings Perform 3x as well vs. DryLin®

Problem: Geometric design of DryLin bearing yields minimal surface area and multiple insert change-outs on a typical application

Solution: Simplicity Plain Bearing Technology

  • 50% greater efficient surface arear
  • Over double the PV value of the DryLin bearing
  • Greater Dynamic Safety Factor – lasts three times as long

Result: $360 savings in initial parts cost with an additional $180 savings in reduced maintenance upkeep.


Integral-V™ Reduces Assembly Cost by 50%

Problem: Numerous components and assembly parts result in high material costs

Solution: Integral-V™

  • Streamlined next-gen linear guide design
  • Integral-V provides better fit and reduces tolerance stack-up
  • Eliminates painstaking alignment with proprietary SIMO® extrusion machining process

Customer saved over 50% on materials costs and reduced assembly time by 80%!



SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform
A linear motion family designed with consistent geometry for fast hassle free change of bearing, drive, motor, and performance options.

SIMO Series Platform Brand Icon

Round Shaft Technology
Precision round shafting is used as the guide way, and combined with linear plane bearings or linear ball bearings for movement.

Image of Round Shaft Technology icon

Cam Roller Technology
CRT products feature rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseperable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft.

Image of Cam Roller Technology icon

Integral V Technology
Hardened steel raceways are directly embedded into the IVT rail to eliminitate fasteners and reduce mounting components.

Image of Integral V Technology icon

Gliding Surface Technology
A plane bearing design that creates a simple, two-piece configuration of rail and carriage with a self-lubricating surface.

Image of Gliding Surface Technology icon

Profile Rail Technology
A linear guide with recirculating ball-bearing technology. Optional runner blocks offer stable rigidity and highly accurate linear motion for a wide range of industries.

Image of Profile Rail Technology icon

Linear Actuator Technology
Application-ready systems or actuators that range from small size screw driven slides, to high-speed belt actuators.

Image of Linear Actuator Technology icon



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