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Engineering Capabilities

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We have the tools in place to provide you with the engineering expertise you need to get your linear motion application up and running quickly. Our design expertise helps us to deliver innovative solutions, saving our customers money while being watchful for future improvements.

Inside PBC Linear’s Diverse Team

  • Inside PBC Linear's Diverse TeamProduct design engineers come together from a wide range of disciplines in R&D, product design, and application specific engineering
  • Specializing in several key industries, PBC Linear engineers are experienced in linear motion applications across the board
  • Problem solving approach to every project, seeking innovative ideas and solutions to meet your design requirements and deadlines

Aerospace, commercial, medical, hydraulic, and paper industries are all areas where PBC Linear engineers have their roots. This gives us an advantage in designing custom systems for any industry.

* PBC Linear engineers analyzing every subtle detail of this application

Superior Product Design Driven by Cutting Edge Tools

  • State-of-the-art 3D modeling software
  • SolidWorks® Design Platform and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) ensures easy specification interface with customers
  • Design control processes based on the highest industry standards

Part Community 3D CAD Library

* Technical data, downloadable 3D CAD Models, and product bios are all at the fingertips of the customer with PART Community.

PLA Actuator Explode ViewBeginning the Design Process

The engineering staff at PBC Linear begins the design process by offering their customers downloadable CAD material and a library of technical data through PART Community—a web-based 3D CAD viewing program.

* SolidWorks® exploded-view model for PLA Linear Actuator, showing off all of the individual parts that provide the high precision linear motion the PLA is known for.

Knowing the In’s and Outs of the System

Finite Element Analysis SoftwareAs the design process progresses, PBC Linear engineers use customer specifications to formulate a solution for the proposed application using SolidWorks® to create a 3D representation of the application.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software is used to further refine s the design. Simulations are used to investigate the effects of static and dynamic loading, impact, vibration, heat transfer, and dimensional tolerances—showcasing where the “hot spots” of stress will be for each feasible strain on the system. The software also exaggerates the strain to give engineers a clear picture of how each external factor affects all parts of the application.

* FEA software highlighting stress “hotspots of a newly developed actuator, red signifies where the highest levels of strain will be on the system.

Linear Actuator Test StandBuilding and Testing the Finished Product

In the final step of the design process, the end-product is created, subjected to in-depth performance and metallurgical analysis right in-house to ascertain limits on temperature, load, speed, and stress.

* MT series actuator being tested for performance and life cycle capacities.


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