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For component solutions, PBC Linear stocks a full assortment of long-lasting, high performance and ready-to-ship products. We offer the complete range of motion control technology; including plane bearing, ball-bearing and cam roller guide systems in order to meet all of our customers’ needs.

PBC Linear specializes in being a linear motion solution provider. Our expansive product offering caters to all linear motion tasks, standards and budgets.

Scroll down to see a broad overview of all available linear motion components we stock.

SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform

The SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform is a solution designed to be versatile, flexible, and affordable.

  • Versatile options allow a design engineer to meet multiple application requirements within a single platform.
  • Flexible due to consistent geometry creating a platform of interchangeable options.
  • Affordable with SIMO qualified rails providing machined precision at extrusion type prices.

The SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform range of options includes:

  • Rail heights; low profile for tight spaces or a tall version for greater structural integrity. Each aluminum base rail is uniquely qualified with the SIMO process(Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation) for six times less bow, two times less twist, and two times better flatness. The result is a base rail with machined precision at aluminum extrusion prices.
  • 3 bearing tribologies; self-lubricating FrelonGOLD®plain bearings which are ideally suited for contaminated environments, V-wheel roller bearings for high speed applications, and profile rail linear guideways with recirculating ball bearings for rigidity and precision.
  • 3 drive types; lead screw with machined nut or anti-backlash nut, ball screw, or two versions of belt drives.
This versatility to mix-n-match features within the same design envelope allows an engineer to test multiple configurations, easily adapt to changing requirements dependent upon load, speed, accuracy, environment, and life considerations, while specifying a linear motion system that is on budget and on time every time.

Download the SIMO Series catalog here.


Round Shaft Technology - Linear Bearings & Linear Guides

Round Shaft Technology utilizes a full selection of precision ground shafting (hardened steel, stainless steel or aluminum) combined with PBC Linear best-in-class linear plain and ball bearing products; such as bearings, sleeve bushings, pillow block housings and support rail assemblies. Only certified Simplicity® 60 Plus® Shafting provides maximum linear bearing performance.

Download the new Round Shaft Technology catalog here.

  • Simplicity® linear plain and linear ball bearings in imperial, ISO metric, and JIS metric sizes
  • Closed, open, and flanged styles
Download the Simplicity® 60 Plus® Shafting brochure here.

NEW! The Roller Pillow Block provides key performance benefits such as high load capacities, high speeds,and design compatibility—providing size interchangeability with industry standard blocks. In contaminated environments, the roller bearings push particulates out of the way or roll seamlessly over them. Large rollers in the Roller Pillow Block system are well suited for long travel applications,minimizing vibration and providing smooth and quiet travel over joined shafts.

The Roller Pillow Block solution is available for shaft diameters from 0.5” – 3.0” and in three standard configurations—single,double, and twin. This provides dynamic load ratings ranging from 800 to 12500 pounds, a low coefficient of friction, and high speed capabilities.

The Roller Pillow Block system is well suited for a wide range of applications, including material handling, transfer lines, welding equipment, architectural and structural doors, and much more.

  • High load capacities, up to 12500 lbs
  • Speeds up to 25 feet per second
  • Industry standard size interchangeable
  • Well suited for long travel applications
    • Large rollers easily navigate misaligned shaft transitions providing smoother travel and less vibration
  • Not affected by small particulates
  • Accommodates round shaft diameters of 0.5”– 3.0”
  • Reduce installation time and costs
    • Shafting is naturally aligned when using support rails
    • Rolling Pillow Block floating option absorbs up to 0.125” deflection and/or misalignment

Download the Roller Pillow Block catalog here.

Watch the product overview video here.


Cam Roller Technology and Roller Bearings

Cam Roller Technology uses PBC Linear precision straight rails and a multitude of different sliders and rails to provide high accuracy and high speed linear guidance in an economical solution. Cam Roller Technology is ideally suited for material handling, point-to-point, door frame guidance and automation applications. We also offer linear motion solutions for high load transfer and compact, low profile applications.

Download the new Cam Roller Technology catalog here.

Download the new whitepaper here: Lubrication for Linear Roller Bearings and Raceways.


Integral-V Linear Guide Technology

Integral-V™ is the next-generation linear guide. IVT simplifies design, eases assembly and improves performance specs over the traditional methods. Using anodized aluminum extrusions embedded with hardened stainless steel inserts, IVT products eliminate fasteners and reduce mounting pieces by 50%. For streamlined linear guidance with enhanced performance, IVT is the answer.


Gliding Surface Technology -Plain Bearing Linear Motion

Gliding Surface Technology adapts plain bearing design to create a simple, two-piece configuration of a rail and carriage with a self-lubricating surface. By utilizing plain bearing design, Gliding Surface Technology offers lower profiles, compact sizes, and smooth, quiet linear motion.

  • Plain bearing design will not catastrophically fail
  • Vibration damping provides smooth and quiet linear motion
  • Long life without lubrication


Profile Rail Technology – Ball-type Linear Guides

  • PBC Linear utilizes a variety of PRT technology within our complete Linear Actuator products, including

    MTB, SIMO, Compact Series, MUK, ML, and MT


    PRT can be an excellent choice of applications that require high rigidity and/or high accuracy.  In many applications when specified PRT is not the only technology that would work and in some cases, can lead to problems.                                               

    PBC Linear invites you to review some of our specialized technologies that may be outstanding alternatives to PRT.


    RST - Round shaft technology is generally more forgiving on installation, and alignment issues, and has a choice of ball bearing or plain, featuring PBC’s famous Simplicity bearing.

    CRT - Cam Roller Technology provides ease of installation and a variety of rolling element products that can be a great solution depending on application requirements

    IVT - Integral-V Technology provides uses structural aluminum framing integrated with V-races,making installation forgiving and quick.

    GST - Gliding Surface Technology combines self-lubricated plain bearings with rail.  Excellent for harsh environments, maintenance free and quick installation scenarios


    View the video on bearing selection here.


    As with any application, design or question, PBC Linear has Application Engineers standing by to help you! Please feel free to contact us.


PBC Design On A Diet

From best-in-class components to complete concept-to-creation systems, PBC Linear actively designs game-changing linear motion solutions that provide our customers with the competitive advantage by streamlining assembly, improving application performance and implementing innovative ideas that put you on the path to success.



SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform
A linear motion family designed with consistent geometry for fast hassle free change of bearing, drive, motor, and performance options.

SIMO Series Platform Brand Icon

Round Shaft Technology
Precision round shafting is used as the guide way, and combined with linear plane bearings or linear ball bearings for movement.

Image of Round Shaft Technology icon

Cam Roller Technology
CRT products feature rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseperable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft.

Image of Cam Roller Technology icon

Integral V Technology
Hardened steel raceways are directly embedded into the IVT rail to eliminitate fasteners and reduce mounting components.

Image of Integral V Technology icon

Gliding Surface Technology
A plane bearing design that creates a simple, two-piece configuration of rail and carriage with a self-lubricating surface.

Image of Gliding Surface Technology icon

Profile Rail Technology
A linear guide with recirculating ball-bearing technology. Optional runner blocks offer stable rigidity and highly accurate linear motion for a wide range of industries.

Image of Profile Rail Technology icon

Linear Actuator Technology
Application-ready systems or actuators that range from small size screw driven slides, to high-speed belt actuators.

Image of Linear Actuator Technology icon



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