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150,000 ft2 Facility Running 24/7

High Volume & Rapid Prototype Capabilities

Innovative Processes (SIMO®)

24/7 Automated Production

Some motion control companies structure their production on foreign, low-cost labor. PBC Linear pro-actively designs our manufacturing floor to be efficient and automated through sophisticated production equipment. Almost all changeover periods take less than 15 minutes and through these innovative processes we can support 24/7 lights out production.

  • 3 Hitachi FMS machining centers keep PBC Linear running day and night
    • 36 pallet system with 2 integrated Hitachi Seiki 630’s CNC Machining Centers
    • 16 pallet system with 2 integrated Hitachi Seiki 630’s CNC Machining Centers
    • NEW! 72 pallet system
  • Fully automated for 24/7 Operation!
  • Reduces lead times, eliminates set-ups
  • Drives down production and overall cost
  • Allows PBC Linear to guarantee short delivery times
  • All process set ups are designed with a change over period of 15 minutes or less
  • All processes are also planned to handle production orders ranging from 1 piece to 10,000+ pieces


Engineering Design & Development Team

PBC Linear’s engineering team has extensive capabilities, ranging from designing logical extensions of existing core product to meet customer requirements to customized, entrepreneurial innovative solutions for complex linear motion applications including advanced manufacturing techniques. Our 23 person team includes engineers, drafters and model makers. Our standard for excellence and commitment to quality is the reason that if the capability to produce a superior product isn’t out there with known technology, we invent it for ourselves. To further outline our capability we incorporate the latest in technology tools, including but not limited to:

  • SolidWorks 3D CAD
  • Advanced tolerance stack-up analysis using “Sigmund Works”
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using SW Simulation
  • Rapid Prototyping capabilities


Continuous Development

Since PBC Linear began as Pacific Bearing Company in 1983, we have been known for innovation. With more than 15 pending patents, PBC Linear continues to develop novel and useful products. Our products reduce components, improve performance and streamline assembly to give our customers a lasting competitive advantage in their market. PBC Linear not only invents products, but also processes and machines. From PBC’s trade-secreted method of sizing Uni-Guide and mini-Rail to the patented SIMO process, PBC continues to pave the way for long, straight products.

  • Simplicity, Self-Lubricating Plain Bearing
  • Redi-Rail and its patented accessible adjustment system
  • Redi-Rail’s tamper-proof roller mounting system
  • SIMO process and machine
  • Integral-V solutions which can significantly reduce total installed cost
  • Integral wear sensors into plain bearings


Recognized Leader in Motion Control

Design World recognized PBC Linear as the Leader in Motion Control Design for 2009. With best-in-class components, pre-engineered sub-assemblies and complete system solutions, PBC Linear collaborates with customers to provide the best designs possible. PBC Linear continues to be recognized for its Leadership by again being nominated in 2010.

View our leadership profile here:


Wide Variety of CNC & Production Equipment

Turning, milling, grinding – PBC Linear machines virtually all of their products in-house. Our large manufacturing floor features CNC turning/milling machines, grinders, heat treating and straightening to ensure maximum product quality without affecting lead times.

  • Over 30 modern Vertical/Horizontal CNC Milling and Turning Machines
  • In house ID, OD and center-less grinding
  • In house heat treating for up to RC70 hardness
  • In house shaft grinding and straightening to maintain PBC Linear’s reputation for providing precision laser-straight linear motion products
  • Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) are conducted on all product lines


High-End Assembly

For maximum ensured quality of our high-end and optimized products, PBC Linear utilizes our specially designed high-end assembly room. Here products are carefully assembled by expert technicians operating under strict guidelines to produce best-in-class motion control systems.

  • Assembly room specifically designed for clean-room applications
  • Operated under strict guidelines to remain clean-room compliant
  • Ensured precision and rigidity through thorough laser-testing
  • Builds and designs custom application products for several industries
  • All products tested for life, imperfections, and accuracy


Patented SIMO™ Process

The typical aluminum extrusion process produces a natural bow, twist and variance. Costly straightening and aligning is traditionally used to combat this variance, resulting in a semi-straight aluminum extrusion that drives the cost up. PBC’s SIMO process uses synchronized cutters, eliminating built-in extrusion variances by machining all critical edges concurrently in one pass.

  • SIMO can devise long-lasting products that can go where the competition can’t
  • SIMO process uses multiple synchronized mills to simultaneously machine an aluminum extrusion so that it is consistent and precise from beginning to end at no added cost
  • Provides highly accurate aluminum extrusions for high end PBC Linear products
  • Dramatically eases installation and exact mounting
  • Sustains rigid linear motion guidance


Advanced Quality & Analytical Testing

Quality of processes and product is managed through several control guidelines. Using state-of-the-art tools and software our specialized quality team measures success by perfection. We inspect all product and machines on a constant basis to ensure they are properly in tune and ready to go.

  • Renishaw Ball-Bar Testing ensures CNC machines function with optimum accuracy
  • CMM Analysis measures all aspects of PBC Linear’s products for assured geometric precision
  • Product Testing and Optimization room uses Optical Comparator, Laser Interferometer and Fast Fourier Transformation for quality control
  • Each PBC Linear product is also carefully hand inspected by trained professionals


Tooling & Fixture Design Expertise

When it comes to implementing new ideas, we draw from decades of combined experience and match it with the latest machining capabilities. Our specialty toolmakers and fixture machinists are the best at creating new solutions for motion control applications. Utilizing an old school machining expertise and working with all facets of production the specialty design team can create fast turnarounds in new working prototypes and improvements to existing designs.

  • PBC Linear is fully supported by a well trained staff of machinists drawing from decades of knowledge
  • Further facilitated by 8 expert toolmakers and full CNC capabilities to provide fast, working prototypes, new design ideas, and customer specific applications
  • 27 year reputation for devising time and cost saving linear motion products
  • “Old School” manual machine expertise combined with modern CNC capabilities



SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform
A linear motion family designed with consistent geometry for fast hassle free change of bearing, drive, motor, and performance options.

SIMO Series Platform Brand Icon

Round Shaft Technology
Precision round shafting is used as the guide way, and combined with linear plane bearings or linear ball bearings for movement.

Image of Round Shaft Technology icon

Cam Roller Technology
CRT products feature rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseperable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft.

Image of Cam Roller Technology icon

Integral V Technology
Hardened steel raceways are directly embedded into the IVT rail to eliminitate fasteners and reduce mounting components.

Image of Integral V Technology icon

Gliding Surface Technology
A plane bearing design that creates a simple, two-piece configuration of rail and carriage with a self-lubricating surface.

Image of Gliding Surface Technology icon

Profile Rail Technology
A linear guide with recirculating ball-bearing technology. Optional runner blocks offer stable rigidity and highly accurate linear motion for a wide range of industries.

Image of Profile Rail Technology icon

Linear Actuator Technology
Application-ready systems or actuators that range from small size screw driven slides, to high-speed belt actuators.

Image of Linear Actuator Technology icon



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