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Lead Screw Technology

The new Patent pending Constant Force Lead Screw line from PBC Linear uses a method to apply uniform pressure to the nut at all stages of the motion profile. Compare this to a traditional anti-backlash nut which has a variable twisting force that can result in a loss of pressure on the nut.

  • Superior Performance: 2-4x less backlash over the life of the device, as validated by leading lab automation customer testing
  • Self-lubricating: All nut styles offered are self-lubricating for the life of the nut

The new Lead Screw line from PBC Linear was designed to work perfectly with the new Constant Force Anti-Backlash nut. Through years of testing and process improvements, PBC is proud to offer the most accurate standard lead accuracy on the market.

  • CNC Roll Threading: Allow for standard accuracies of .003”/ft. (2-3 times better than the competition). Precision lead accuracy of .001”/ft is available upon request.
  • Smooth is better: Proprietary process has resulted in less pitting and flanking, which results in longer life. Internal and customer testing have the screw/nut combination lasting at 6,000+ miles in continuous duty. (application dependent)
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • PTFE Coating available

PBC’s partnership with Moons Industries has allowed for a combination of extremely reliable stepper motors and great lead screw technology. The result is the Introduction of a full line of Lead Screw Motors.

  • Sizes NEMA 8 – NEMA 23
  • Laser Welded: screw & motor providing the most accurate alignment possible from the factory, while saving money & allowing for smaller size.


The new Compact Series Linear Guide System from PBC Linear is designed to provide smooth, accurate, and repeatable linear motion in tight spaces. The Compact Series boasts a low profile—23 mm—standard system height making it an ideal solution for applications such as lab automation, medical, automated delivery systems, dispensing robotics, and electronic board manufacturing.

The Compact Series Linear Guide System can be configured—with standard options—to adapt to the demands of the application. Options include: two bearing choices, plain bearing or profile rail technology; lead screw with multiple leads; standard fixed or Constant Force™ anti-backlash nut; manual drive; integrated stepper or smart motor; and a motor mount option for use with other motors.

  • Bearing options: Plain bearing technology provides smooth and quiet operation. This choice is low cost, self-lubricating, and maintenance free. Profile rail technology provides rigid performance and is ideal for applications that require high loads or precise positional accuracy.

  • Lead Screw: 6 mm diameter lead screw is available in 1, 2, 5, and 10 mm leads.

  • Nut: Standard fixed or Constant Force™ anti-backlash nut.

  • Motor: Integrated NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 stepper motors; single, double, or triple stack; motor mount option for attaching stepper, servo, or smart motor, etc. Option with a manual hand knob is also available.


The SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform is a family of solutions designed to put flexibility into the Design Engineer’s hands. This versatility to mix-n-match within the same design envelope allows an engineer to test or install multiple configurations, and gives them the ability to easily adapt to the changing requirements of load, speed, accuracy, rigidity, environment, and life. The SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform can be configured and optimized for a single axis or combined to create a multi-axis XYZ system.

Rail Choices:

  • Low profile or tall version
  • Both qualified to +/- .001 with the patent pending SIMO® process

Tribology Choices:

  • Plain bearing - self-lubricating with FrelonGOLD®
  • V-Guide roller bearings for high speed applications
  • Profile rail linear guideways with recirculating ball bearings

Drive Choices:

  • Lead Screw
  • Ball Screw
  • Belt Drive



SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform
A linear motion family designed with consistent geometry for fast hassle free change of bearing, drive, motor, and performance options.

SIMO Series Platform Brand Icon

Round Shaft Technology
Precision round shafting is used as the guide way, and combined with linear plane bearings or linear ball bearings for movement.

Image of Round Shaft Technology icon

Cam Roller Technology
CRT products feature rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseperable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft.

Image of Cam Roller Technology icon

Integral V Technology
Hardened steel raceways are directly embedded into the IVT rail to eliminitate fasteners and reduce mounting components.

Image of Integral V Technology icon

Gliding Surface Technology
A plane bearing design that creates a simple, two-piece configuration of rail and carriage with a self-lubricating surface.

Image of Gliding Surface Technology icon

Profile Rail Technology
A linear guide with recirculating ball-bearing technology. Optional runner blocks offer stable rigidity and highly accurate linear motion for a wide range of industries.

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Linear Actuator Technology
Application-ready systems or actuators that range from small size screw driven slides, to high-speed belt actuators.

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