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Single-Axis Components

PBC Linear designs and manufactures a full assortment of linear actuators, slides and stages to meet customer needs throughout all specified markets. High accuracy/repeatability positioning, fast transfer, heavy load handling, low profile design – our diverse single axis system portfolio equips our customers with the complete tools for quick integration and improved application performance. We also stock a library of system accessories: motors, controllers, sensors, cable carriers and mounts to meet all specifications.

Multi-Axis Systems

PBC Linear is also able to design complete solutions for multi-axis mechatronic systems. We will create a specialized Cartesian assembly that improves productivity, cycle times and work flow. We custom build all necessary precision linear actuators and stages for optimum positioning performance, and partner with world-class motor, cable management and accessory firms to provide our customers with specific, application-tailored solutions. Cartesian multi-axis solutions facilitate sophisticated automation and control over scalable work envelopes. They carry out a wide array of different tasks; such as pick-and-place, material transfer, palletizing, and de-stacking. PBC Linear provides full solutions to multi-axis mechatronics. Our high performance linear actuators and stages are available in multiple drives (belt, ball screw and lead screw), to perfectly align a solution to our customers’ unique requirements. PBC Linear can even build and test your entire assembly and then ship the completed unit right to your factory.

Multi-Axis Linear Motion System Multi-Axis Gantry Multi-Axis Gantry Delivery System


PBC Linear’s wide selection of actuators provides solutions for even the most demanding industrial and commercial applications. From moving tiny circuit board components in a clean room to moving large castings in a foundry, PBC Linear’s actuators make an excellent foundation for a robotic system.

  • Many linear guidance types available: profile rail, cam roller or plain bearing
  • Many drive types available: lead screw, ball screw, belt, or rack & pinion
  • Each system is run-in and thoroughly tested before shipping to ensure quality
  • Most systems available with very short lead times!


Stepper Motors & Drives

Stepper motors are the main motor type used by many of PBC Linear’s customers. PBC Linear has teamed up with FASTech to provide high performance open and closed loop stepper motors. Stepper motor and drives features include:

  • High Torque stepper motors
  • Open or Closed Loop versions available (up to 20,000 PPR encoders available)
  • Available with drive integrated with motor or separate
  • Available with networkable controller (easily link up to 16 axis)
  • Smooth and Accurate positioning through onboard high performance DSP
  • No gain tuning and reduced settling times


Servo Motors & Drives

When stepper motors do not provide enough torque at a desired speed, upgrading to an A/C brushless servo motor is the best choice for design engineers. PBC Linear has teamed up with Omron to quickly deliver some of the best performing servo motors currently available. Servo motor and drive features include:

  • Ultra-Rugged IP67 motors and connectors available
  • Wide range of sizes: small 50W (40 x 40mm) up to large 5kW (130 x 130mm)
  • Open Connectivity: DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CANopen, MECHATROLINK II, EtherCAT
  • Incremental or Absolute Encoders available
  • Real time auto-tuning with advanced algorithms (anti-vibration, torque feed forward, distance observer)
  • Reduce Risk, compliant to: ISO13849-1 (Performance Level D); STO: IEC61800-5-2:2007; SIL2 according to EN61508:2001; Cat.3: EN954-1:1996


Gear Boxes

Gearboxes are cost reducing and performance increasing components necessary in many systems. PBC Linear has teamed up with Wittenstein to provide the Alpha brand of gearboxes to our customers. Wittenstein was the first to design and market servo planetary gearboxes and proudly takes the place as the market’s leader in servo gearboxes. Gearbox features include:

  • Inline or Right-Angle gearboxes available
  • Standard or Reduced backlash models available
  • Single our double stage models available with ratios from 3:1 to 100:1
  • Gearboxes are most useful when
    • Better inertia matching for higher dynamic performance
    • Shrink the required motor size by increasing torque from a smaller motor
    • Increasing the motor speed (RPM) for slower moving applications for high efficiency


Couplings & Line Shafts

Couplings & line shafts are an essential part of a linear motion system/Cartesian Robot as they reduce the risk of unexpected failure by extending the life of the actuators and the motors used within the system. PBC Linear has partnered with R+W, a world class coupling manufacturer, to provide customers with innovative, versatile and reliable couplings which are easily integrated to work with PBC Linear’s actuators. Couplings and line shaft features include:

  • EK Series Elastomer/Jaw couplings are the default choice for most applications and have great performance at an exceptional price.
  • BK Series Bellows couplings offer higher stiffness for those applications which need upgraded performance.
  • EZ and ZA Series Line Shafts clamp allow synchronous movement between parallel belt-driven actuators which improves system stiffness an increase dynamic performance.
  • SK Series Torque Limiting couplings reduce application risk by offering a mechanical disconnect between the motor and the moving parts.


Flexible Motor Mounts

PBC Linear’s Flexible Motor Mount System allows for quick and easy assembly of virtually any motor or gearbox to a PBC Linear Actuator using virtually any coupling currently available on the market. To make things even easier for customers, PBC has pre-selected and kitted many popular combinations of actuators and motors. Flexible Motor Mount features include:

  • Simple and reliable 3 piece design
  • One mounting flange dedicated to each PBC Linear Actuator.
  • One spacer tube dedicated to each coupling.
  • One mounting flange dedicated to each specific motor or gearbox
  • Motor flanges can be quickly and easily customized to fit any motor, not just those pre-selected by PBC Linear.

Note: Some of PBC Linear’s smaller Actuators have integrated motor mounts and do not require this system.


Mounting Adapters & Hardware

No need to design your own mounting adapters, riser plates, sensor adapters as PBC Linear has done it for you already.

  • Riser plates “raise” the system to allow larger motors to be used with smaller actuators
  • XY and XZ adapter plates allow for easy mount of any actuator to any actuator
  • Hardware kits are readily available and include all the fasteners you need to secure a multi-axis assembly.
  • All items are designed & manufactured by PBC Linear in its Roscoe, Illinois, USA facility


Sensors & Switches

Sensors and switches are required for over travel protection and home/position verification throughout the range of travel. PBC Linear has teamed up with OMRON electronics to provide high quality sensors and switches which are pre-configured to easily install onto PBC Linear’s actuators. Sensor and Switch features include:

  • Barrel style, inductive proximity sensors are the industry standard
  • Optical sensors are ideal for clean, non-contact environments
  • Mechanical Limit Switches are ideal for industrial end of travel protection
  • Magnetic sensors offer clean, modern look using magnets integrated into actuators


Cable Carriers

Cable and hose failure is the number one cause of unexpected downtime in high performance systems. Protect the cables and hoses in your application by using a KabelSchlepp cable and hose carrier system. KabelSchlepp has been a world leader in cable and hose design for more than 50 years. Cable and hose carrier features include:

  • Hinged link design allows for rapid installation of cables and hoses
  • Low noise versions available
  • Metallic and Cleanroom compliant cable carriers are also available
  • Custom cables and connectors are also available.


Controls (PLC’s and Motion Controllers)

Just like a body cannot function without a brain, a linear motion system cannot function without the control system. PBC Linear has teamed up with OMRON electronics to provide world-class PLC’s and Motion Controllers for any application. PLC and Motion Controller features include:

  • Multiple options sized to fit your performance needs and budget
  • Controls range from a simple 2 axis system to more than 30 axis of motion
  • Trajexia series motion controller for high dynamic performance



SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform
A linear motion family designed with consistent geometry for fast hassle free change of bearing, drive, motor, and performance options.

SIMO Series Platform Brand Icon

Round Shaft Technology
Precision round shafting is used as the guide way, and combined with linear plane bearings or linear ball bearings for movement.

Image of Round Shaft Technology icon

Cam Roller Technology
CRT products feature rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseperable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft.

Image of Cam Roller Technology icon

Integral V Technology
Hardened steel raceways are directly embedded into the IVT rail to eliminitate fasteners and reduce mounting components.

Image of Integral V Technology icon

Gliding Surface Technology
A plane bearing design that creates a simple, two-piece configuration of rail and carriage with a self-lubricating surface.

Image of Gliding Surface Technology icon

Profile Rail Technology
A linear guide with recirculating ball-bearing technology. Optional runner blocks offer stable rigidity and highly accurate linear motion for a wide range of industries.

Image of Profile Rail Technology icon

Linear Actuator Technology
Application-ready systems or actuators that range from small size screw driven slides, to high-speed belt actuators.

Image of Linear Actuator Technology icon



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