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Linear Motion Design
In depth sessions for the Design Engineer working with linear motion components and systems. Learn what parameters affect design decisions and what solutions best fit a variety of situations. Information on simple, manually driven guides to sophisticated actuator driven systems is covered.

PlayBasic Linear System SpecificationWhat information is needed in order to specify a linear motion system … POSTLUDES5:40
PlayHow to Specify Length ProductsHow to Specify Length Products2:30
PlayPlain Bearing vs. Ball BearingsA presentation in partnership with Global Spec comparing plain and ball bearings performance in load, life, friction, and more.44:20
PlayEleven Common Mistakes In Linear MotionThe 11 Most Common Mistakes in Linear Motion System Design and How to Avoid Them covers some basic principles to help prevent misalignment, poor performance, and costly redesigns.15:45
PlayPlain Bearings and the 2:1 RuleApplying the 2:1 Rule when using plain bearings in a cantelivered load situation.13:15
PlayBearing Selection CriteriaWith so many different bearing styles, geometries, and manufacturers to choose from, and each with different performance specifications and characteristics, where do you start in making a bearing selection for a given application? This video answers that question and covers the basic criteria to evaluate when selecting the bearings for a linear motion system.8:35
PlayFactors That Affect RepeatabilityThe reliable repeatable performance of a linear motion system is the goal of every engineer, but what are the factors that contribute to hitting the target consistently? In this Linear Learning Center video, the many factors that play a part in the precision, accuracy, and repeatability of a linear slide or linear actuator are highlighted, and considerations of the compromises needed to achieve a quality system are examined.17:00
PlayTraditional Stepper vs. StepSERVO MotorSee the application and performance differences between standard open-loop stepper motors and high performance Step-SERVO™ motors for linear motion applications in Simo Series, Compact Series, and other linear actuators from PBC Linear. Hands on demonstrations show the differences in speed, quality, and reliability for each of these options.4:12
PlayLinear Motion in WashdownGeneral tips on designing linear motion in washdown applications and PBC Linear's products that are designed to handle these harsh conditions.3:10
PlayHevi-Rail Top 5 Design TipsSee how to set-up, align, finish, preload, install, and utilize the Hevi-Rail® heavy duty bearings and profiles in automation and lift system applications.2:40
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