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Linear Learning Center Overview
Welcome to PBC Linear’s resource center for video instruction in the selection, design, optimization, installation, and maintenance of linear motion. Each module is tailored to meet specific needs for a project or product life cycle. From overview and research … to detail design criteria … to installation and maintenance … gain the knowledge you need to be successful with your engineered linear motion systems in the Linear Learning Center.

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Product Overview

Gain a basic understanding of the key competencies that make PBC Linear a world leading manufacturer, and the broad range of linear motion solutions available. Videos cover components from RST, CRT, GST, PRT, and IVT along with driven systems and multi-axis solutions such as LAT and the SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform.
  • Product Overview   (9:30)
  • Simplicity® Linear Plain Bearings Overview   (2:30)
  • Gliding Surface Technology—Uni-Guide Overview   (5:34)
  • Integral-V Technology Overview   (4:00)
  • Linear Learning Center - CRT Overview   (4:20)
  • And more...
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Linear Motion Design

In depth sessions for the Design Engineer working with linear motion components and systems. Learn what parameters affect design decisions and what solutions best fit a variety of situations. Information on simple, manually driven guides to sophisticated actuator driven systems is covered.
  • Basic Linear System Specification   (5:40)
  • How to Specify Length Products   (2:30)
  • Comparing Linear Bearings   (44:20)
  • Eleven Common Mistakes   (15:45)
  • Plain Bearings and the 2:1 Rule   (13:15)
  • And more...
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Installation & Maintenance

Hands-on video sessions that will guide installers and maintenance technicians in maximizing the life of a linear guide or system. Topics cover areas such as installation, alignment, and lubrication. Adjusting belt tension, eccentric bearings, and more are also included.
  • Proper Lubrication of Plain Bearings   (4:40)
  • Redi-Rail Technical Short   (2:05)
  • Adjusting Pre-load LPRR   (5:42)
  • Motor Integration with SIMO Series Linear Actuator   (12:40)
  • Installing Simplicity Bearings   (3:30)
  • And more...
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Product & Performance Comparisons
Detailed analysis and direct comparison of the performance, cost, and time investment for a range of technologies and brands will help in the decision making process for new design projects or in-field replacement and machine optimization.
  • Linear Bearings vs. Bronze Bushing   (5:00)
  • IVT vs. V-Rail   (0:50)
  • Uni-Guide vs Profile Rail   (1:07)
  • IVT vs Profile Rail   (0:50)
  • And more...
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