Hevi-Rail Combined Bearing Adjustment Guide


Hevi-Rail® bearings are heavy duty roller bearings that provide extremely high load capacities for material handling and other applications. In particular, the HVBEA series bearings provide a good way to deal with axial clearances in the system. This video addresses this procedure in detail. Below is a list of quick steps to adjust the eccentric portion of the bearing to reduce any axial play.

  1. Remove all of the Allen head screws from the face plate.

  2. Apply even pressure, pulling up on the outside raceway while pushing down on the eccentric bearing, to separate the two bearings.

  3. Measure from the flat casing surface to the highest point of the eccentric bearing.

  4. Rotate the eccentric bearing around the off-set axis to change the height of the bearing from the flat casing surface.

  5. Re-measure and adjust until the distance needed is reached.

  6. Re-assemble the bearing and tighten all of the screws back into the face plate.

Hevi-Rail is perfect for telescoping applications, warehouse handling systems, custom and standard lift units, and steel and coil handling. For more information on PBC Linear or Hevi-Rail products, please email us at marketing@pbclinear.com. You can also contact us by phone at 1.800.962.8979.