Hevi-Rail Heavy Duty Roller Bearing Design Tips


Every day at PBC Linear, we are inspired by the phone inquiries we receive from valued customers. Our top five tips include how to set-up, align, finish, preload, install, and utilize the Hevi-Rail® heavy duty bearings and profiles in automation and lift system applications. More information on tips are below:

  1. Create preload with bearing offsets in vertical and horizontal applications.
  2. If tighter accuracies are required, rails can be machined to increase straightness, running accuracy and precision.
  3. Rail alignment and parallelism focuses on adjusting the bolts within the clamp flange.
  4. Best welding methods starts with beveling joint edges and then using the preferred MIG welding method.
  5. Best method for finishing rails includes sandblasting, and then adding a powdercoat in the desired color.

The Hevi-Rail linear bearing and guide rail systems are a unique design suitable for general automation and for extreme application loads up to 60 tons. This heavy-duty roller bearing system has repeatably proven itself in foundries, construction sites, drilling applications, and heavy duty lifting. Businesses have come to rely on Hevi-Rail linear guide systems to deliver consistency and overall satisfaction.

For more information on PBC Linear or Hevi-Rail products, please email us at marketing@pbclinear.com. You can also contact us by phone at 1.800.962.8979.