Hevi-Rail Linear Bearings Telescopic Racking Application Story


Shipping containers face a constant struggle to optimize storage space and accessibility within a confined area. Organization of stored material is also important for accurate inventory and streamlined loading/unloading. The task was straightforward: design a racking system that maximized organization and storage for cargo. In collaboration with a leading designer in storage containment, PBC Linear recommended implementing their high load capacity Hevi-Rail® linear bearing solution, installed in a specially designed assembly.

In the past, storage containers were filled by piling materials on top of each other, thus lacking any sense of organization. Finding a specific part within the filled container was extremely tedious, as was organizing and unloading materials after they had been knocked around during the long journey. The design team set out to solve this problem by designing internal framing to store materials and maintain organization for the duration of the shipment. After this was completed, they began to seek out quality linear motion components that could be manually operated and endure the containment load and environment.

Hevi-Rail components were chosen because of their ability to thrive in tough applications under extreme loads. They are composed of hardened steel and designed to provide an even dispersion of forces. These characteristics allow Hevi-Rail linear bearings to tolerate axial and radial loads up to 60 tons! For this application, Hevi-Rail components (bearing and profile rail) were installed into the shipping container framing in order to facilitate a manually operated, telescopic extension of the racking system. This ensured quick loading/unloading of material and increased access to all stored pieces. Also, due to the design of the Hevi-Rail bearings, the linear guide system did not require as much alignment and pre-load adjustments. The reason is that Hevi-Rail bearings float along their I-channel rails. This helped to reduce the cost over competing products that would need to be specifically pre-loaded for the particular application.

Once Hevi-Rail was installed into the container’s framework, the robust internal racking system could easily be extracted/retracted for up to 2.3 m (90’’) under 318 Kg (700 lb) cantilevered loads. This drastically improved loading/unloading and allowed personnel to have quick access to the materials they needed. Also, if the outer container shell was damaged, the racking design could be transferred into another container without re-sizing. This racking assembly quickly became the perfect, long-term storage solution for a wide array of materials, and an overall reliable method for organized shipment.

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