Hevi-Rail Roller Bearing Truck Bed Extenders


Hevi-Rail®, which is part of the Cam Roller Technology (CRT) product line from PBC Linear, has several performance characteristics that make it ideal for heavy-use cases. Some of these properties include low coefficient of friction, high load ratings, and the ability to easily roll in and out of the rail. These benefits, as well as the ability to carry very heavy loads, are what make the Hevi-Rail linear guide system a great pick for mobile applications.

One perfect example are the truck bed extenders for pickups or other flatbed trucks. Hevi-Rail technology offers a low coefficient of friction that allows for a heavy item, such as a full-size tool chest, to be moved easily. Its supports horizontal and vertical motion, as well as cantilevered loads. Additionally, the clearance between the OD of the large radial roller and the profile channel allow the bearings to roll forward and backward with ease.

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