Hevi-Rail: The Original Heavy Duty Roller Bearing


Hevi-Rail® has been providing years of linear motion success within the toughest environments. This original heavy-duty roller bearing system has repeatably proven itself in foundries, construction sites, drilling applications, and heavy duty lifting. Businesses have come to rely on Hevi-Rail guide systems to deliver consistency and overall satisfaction.

Hevi-Rail is composed of hardened steel, allowing it to excel in the harshest environments. The rails and bearings are designed to evenly disperse load and forces, allowing it to handle up to 60 tons! The result is a combined system that has become the go-to linear motion solution for the most demanding of applications. “We have seen numerous instances in which the Hevi-Rail® bearing excelled for years where the competition failed after a month,” says PBC Linear President Tom Schroeder.

One example of the competitor’s linear motion failure deals with a foundry casting tipper. The problem was in the transportation of castings that weighed several tons. Previously, no linear motion system could handle the weight, and would fail after a couple months of operation. This left the foundry with increased production costs and wasted time. To solve the problem, PBC Linear introduced them to their Hevi-Rail system. The Hevi-Rail bearings have been running without failure for well over two years!

Where the competition failed, Hevi-Rail was more than able to solve this linear motion problem. Equipped with innovation to support a long product life, the economical Hevi-Rail provided a reliable system that resulted in lowered production cost and time.

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