PBC Linear celebrates groundbreaking for its new $10 million facility expansion

Roscoe, Illinois, USA – PBC Linear, a Pacific Bearing Company, and a global leader in linear motion solutions, held a celebratory groundbreaking for its new manufacturing facility. The ceremony was held at a designated lot northeast of the existing building located at 6402 East Rockton Road, Roscoe, on Wednesday, June 6th at 10:00 am. PBC Linear was joined by distinguished attendees including Winnebago County Chairman Frank Haney, South Beloit Mayor Ted Rehl, Senate aide to Dick Durbin Awis Quartey, representatives from Alpine Bank and The LandMark Group Companies.

Building on a strong foundation

The new, state-of-the-art building will include over 66 thousand square feet of space, and will be divided between an optimized manufacturing floor, supporting offices and mezzanine, and a cafeteria. The expenditures for the new construction will reach $6.25 million, with the project scheduled to be completed during the 4th quarter of 2018. Within both the current and new facilities there will be additional investments in machines and equipment, spanning the next two years and totaling $3.75 million. The increased efficiency and productivity through these investments will help PBC Linear to further meet growing industry demands and remain a strong manufacturing presence for years to come.

Commitment to Community

PBC Linear’s owners, the Schroeder family, have been consistent in their “commitment to keeping manufacturing jobs local.” Chairman Frank Haney thanked the Schroeder family for their investment and loyalty to families within the community saying, “If we’re going to be where we want to be in the future, we need to retain talented folks. To do that we need our employers in a position to be growing and attracting this talent back to our community.” 

PBC Linear President and CEO Robert Schroeder, stated that when he founded the company in 1983, Rockford had the highest unemployment in the nation. He added, “Regardless of what happens in the economy and throughout the world, if you have dedicated people, you can make things happen, and that’s what we do here.” South Beloit Mayor Ted Rehl acknowleged that he was “Really giddy because this is a big deal.” He reminded the crowd that, “The quality of community is not just the number of factories, but it’s the quality you have within those entities.”

PBC Linear’s investment in the future will allow for the expansion of its assembly capabilities, as well as added warehousing and shipping capacity. Its aim is to not only increase profits and remain a global competitor, but also retain and nurture skilled workers. “It’s helping us secure our company’s future by helping retain our more than 220 employees,” spoke Vice president and chief operating officer Tom Schroeder. “We’re also using a lot of local contractors so there will be jobs provided with the construction.”

It’s all about timing

PBC Linear President and CEO Robert Schroeder praised the recent corporate tax rates and rules that were part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act recently approved by Congress. Vice president and chief operating officer Tom Schroeder added, “We are taking advantage of the Trump administration’s tax incentives and investing $10 million over the next two years in building and equipment to ensure that PBC Linear will be a staple in the greater Rockford community.” Jonathon Schroeder added, “In getting the support, it just shows that the government at all levels is really tied to manufacturing in America. That’s really important for businesses like us.”

About PBC Linear

PBC Linear has been a proud member of the Rockford area manufacturing community since 1983. The company has created and patented innovative linear motion solutions, and has greatly expanded its technology, expertise, and services to become a complete linear motion manufacturer. Through its partnerships in Europe and Asia and its worldwide network of distributors, PBC Linear has positioned itself as a trusted global leader in bearing products and linear motion technology.