Round Shaft and Bearings in Medical Applications

By: Dave Humblet - PBC Linear Application Engineer

Round shaft and bearings offer linear motion solutions for many medical applications, any place linear adjustment is needed:  patient handling (surgical tables, chair lifts, etc.), scan heads, ceiling tracks for moveable lights, instrument adjustments, just to name a few.

The low coefficient of friction offered by linear ball bearings is ideal for ergonomic concerns, where easy movement under load is preferred.

Fully supported shafting configurations offer higher rigidity and precision of movement, especially in parallel shaft applications. Consider a pre-engineered solution for ease of installation, reference the Actuator Products Section of the PBC Linear website, or pages 100-127 of the Round Shaft Technology catalog.

Aluminum components, such as Simplicity linear plain bearings and Feather Shaft/Feather Rail, are ideal for those machines where non-magnetic components are desired or required.

In applications where sterilization might be a consideration, our Wash Down White Paper offers guidance on selection of components. The scale of requirements spans from no sterilization to severe wash down with caustic chemicals.