PBC Linear’s Roadshow delivers hands-on solutions!

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It’s one thing to see a linear motion product in a catalog or online video, but quite another to actually pick up and hold a real sample, examine its movement, and fully realize that mechanism’s potential. The PBC Linear Roadshow offers customers that hands-on experience, all within clients’ friendly confines. During this event, attendees may interact with their choice of a wide range of components and mechatronic samples, while engaging in a meaningful dialogue with PBC representatives.

Roadshow events can include training and educational visits, open houses and joint promotions, as well as regional meetings and trade shows. In tandem with 3DP Platform, the Roadshow Van has traversed an impressive 100,000+ miles across the United States, and has engaged enthusiastic crowds in over 290 demo events. PBC Linear is proud to offer professionals this highly valuable opportunity to get up-close and hands-on with linear motion technology.

PBC Road Show Van


What to expect from “The Roadshow”

Roadshow events offer flexibility in their location, and can be held indoors or outside, usually near the bay door or the back of a shop. Upon arrival of the Roadshow van, organizers and participants can expect a roll-out of 4 large tool chests, with each one containing a wide range of linear motion samples. These samples include Linear Bearings & Guides, Plain Bearings, Roller Bearings, Integral-V Linear Guides, and varying sizes of Mechatronics hardware. After a quick 30-minute set-up and a brief introduction, attendees of this informal setting are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the variety of samples or pose specific questions. The average duration of an event is anywhere from 2 to 2-1/2 hours, not including set-up and break-down times. At the end of the session, attendees will come away with informative literature and data, and a more thorough understanding of their linear motion options. Additionally, they can explore any possible custom solutions that may be beneficial to their specific application.

PBC Road Show Products


Reserve your Roadshow date!

The PBC Linear Roadshow is currently booking dates and planning routes for the remainder of 2018 U.S. Roadshow tour. Any companies interested in a requesting information or reserving a visit from the Roadshow Van should contact a PBC Linear representative at 1.800.962.8979. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!