NEMA 14 Motor with RCF Leadscrew Group

Lead Screw Assembly - NEMA 14 with RCF

The Lead Screw Assemblies from PBC Linear form the perfect union of precision lead screws, anti-backlash nuts, and world class NEMA motors. Through years of testing and process improvements, PBC Linear is proud to offer the most accurate standard lead accuracy on the market.

PBC Linear’s partnership with Moons Industries has allowed for a combination of extremely reliable stepper motors and great lead screw technology. The result is a full line of Lead Screw Motors optimized for linear motion:

  • Permanently fixed screw & motor provides the most accurate alignment possible from the factory, saving money & allowing for smaller size.
  • 30% More Torque Available
  • Power Press Technology
  • Larger Bearings - Increased Thrust Capacity and Longer Life
  • Hollow Shaft Concentricity - Ensures Minimum Screw Runout
  • Preload on Bearings Eliminates Axial Play
  • Standard Mounting Provisions for Encoder Feedback

Optional "Smart Motor" Technology

  • 50% More Torque Can Dramatically Reduce Cycle Times
  • Integral Encoder 20,000 Line Resolution
  • Typical 65% Lower Operating Temp & Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Local Control and I/O can Simplify Wiring and Increase Cycle Times
  • Network Communications Supports Advanced Data Collection
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