Standard Gripper Image JGP125

2-Finger Parallel Gripper Kit (125 mm)

Universal 2-finger parallel gripper of the compact class with T-slot guidance and the best cost-performance ratio. Optimum standard solution for many fields of application. Universal application in clean and slightly dirty surroundings in machine building and plant building industry, assembly and handling as well as automotive industry.


  • Sturdy T-slot guidance for precise handling
  • Compact dimensions and low weight 
  • High maximum moments possible 
  • Wedge-hook design
  • Comprehensive sensor accessories
  • Mounting from two gripper sides
  • Air supply via hose-free direct connection or screw connections


  • Size: 125, pneumatic
  • Stroke per jaw: 13 mm
  • Closing force: 1080 N
  • Opening force: 1170 N
  • Max. ambient temperature: 90 °C


  • Pneum. Gripper: (1) JGP 125-1
  • AGS Adapter: (1) ADA-JGP-PGN-125-P22-0
  • AGS Connector: (2) PPV-P22-P22-2
  • AGS Base Jaw: (2) HSP-E-JGP-125-P22-S
  • Pneum. Fitting: (2) SWV-G8-6
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