AKO FGA ISO 50 VB 25 PNP Kit Image

Gripper PNP Valve Block Adapter Kit

PNP Valve Block Adapter Kit connects gripper(s) to cobot and offers an air solenoid for up to 2 grippers.


  • (1) VB 25 block (4MV)
  • (1) ADP-VB25-P22 AGS Adapterplate for VB25 with P22
  • (1) ADP-VB25-ISO50 AGS Adapterplate for VB25 with ISO50
  • (1) VB 25 Beipack with 5 m cable (includes O-Ring 14x1.5, screw plug 1/8"" and 12-pole connection cab
  • (5) SWV-G8-6
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