Hevi-Rail 057 - Wheel, Wheel and Flange plate, Adj Wheel, Wheel and Flange plate, Adj Wheel and Flange plate, I Rail

HVB-057 Hevi-Rail Fixed/Adjustable Bearing, I-Channel Rail, Flange Plate

Hevi-Rail® is PBC Linear’s solution for extreme high load capacities and industrial strength handling applications. Hevi-Rail is a heavy-duty linear bearing system that is cost effective for medium to low precision applications. The system is easy to mount, align and use! High radial and axial load capacities ensure a long and productive life under continuous use. This makes the Hevi-Rail guide system a perfect solution for custom lift units, lift trucks, and heavy load applications in the aerospace, paper, steel and coil industries. Hevi-Rail 057 assembly options include Wheel, Wheel and Flange Plate, Adjustable Wheel, Adjustable Wheel and Flange Plate, and I-Channel Rails. NOTE: Rails and Bearings must be ordered as individual items below.

  • Standard rail lengths up to 6m (19ft)
  • Handles loads up to 4.6 tons per bearing
  • Excels in temperatures from -30°C to 120°C (-22°F to 248°F)
  • Fixed or Adjustable Side Axial bearings are provided
  • Bearings can be provided individually or with a pre-welded flange plate
  • Profile rails are High Quality 18MnNb6 carbon steel
  • Easy interchangeable components
  • Perfect for high radial and axial loads
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