Roller Pillow Block Rebuild Kit

FUBK (Inch) Pillow Block Rebuild Kits

The Roller Pillow Block rebuild kit contains all the parts required for a complete single roller unit rebuild.
For a double roller or twin roller rebuild, order two kits. All parts of a Roller Pillow Block should be replaced before re-installation.

Kit contains:
1 fixed side roller, 1 eccentric side roller, 1 top support roller, 1 top roller axle, and 1 set screw

Size 08 for 0.50" diameter shafts
Size 10 for 0.625" diameter shafts
Size 12 for 0.75" diameter shafts
Size 16 for 1" diameter shafts
Size 20 for 1.25" diameter shafts
Size 24 for 1.5" diameter shafts
Size 32 for 2" diameter shafts
Size 48 for 3" diameter shafts

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