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BE11 Integrated Ball Screw Actuator

  • The BE Series designs are based on the combined technologies of hybrid stepper motors with an integrated ball screw and nut. 
  • Provide high torque, high precision, and high efficiency to fit the application needs of engineers and designers. 
  • Five frame Sizes: NEMA 08, 11, 14, 17, 23 
  • Multiple motor lengths within each NEMA frame size 
  • Each frame size motor has a screw with a variety of lead options 
  • A variety of nut options are available within various motor frame sizes 
  • PBC Linear integrated ball screw actuators provide a high quality innovate solution for high speed applications. 
  • The BE Series integrated ball screw motors have outstanding transmission efficiency of over 90%. The required torque is less than a third of what the lead screws require making it easier to transfer a rotary motion into a linear motion.
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